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LC telecon 2011-07-20

Date and Time

  • Date: Wednesday, 20 July 2011
  • Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)


  1. Roll call
  2. Approve 2011-07-06 minutes
  3. Administrative matters
    • Welcome new LC Secretary Lara Zimberoff 
  4. Action item review & topic
    • Anna: Report on the intentions of the P3 (request for re-allocation) groups with respect to funds that have been allocated for their use in 2011
  5. KI-wide matters
  6. Group-specific matters
  7. AOB


Quorum is 6 of 11 as of 13 July 2011.

  1. Consumer Identity WG: Bob Pinheiro
  2. Healthcare Identity Assurance WG: represented by Pete Palmer
  3. Federation Interoperability WG: represented by John Bradley
  4. eGov WG: represented by Colin W
  5. Telecommunications Identity WG: represented by Jonas Hogberg
  6. Privacy & Public Policy WG: represented by Mark Lizar


  1. Dervla O'Reilly


  • Lara Zimberoff

Not in attendance:

  1. BoT: represented by Vadim Lander
  2. ID Assurance WG: represented by Myisha Frazier-McElveen
  3. Japan WG: represented by ?
  4. TFMM & BCTF DGs: represented by Rainer Hoerbe
  5. User-Managed Access WG: represented by Eve Maler 


  1. ULX: represented by Bob Morgan


Roll call

Quorum was reached.

Approve 2011-07-06 minutes

Motion: Colin Wallis moves, Bob Morgan seconds:

Passed by uninimous consent.

Administrative Matters 

Welcome new LC Secretary Lara Zimberoff.  Lara is currently working with John Fraser (Chair of HiA WG) as secretary - thanks and welcome Lara!

KI Wide Matters

Reallocation of funds 

Privacy and Public Policy WG would like to re-program funds allocated to it for 2011.

Move to repurpose $7,500USD to 3 events in current budget allocation toward initial draft of SAC policy for privacy framework for this years budget

Motion: Mark Lizar moves, Colin Wallis seconds:


to approve reallocation of funds and principle as above stated for P3 WG.

Passed by unanimous consent

NSTIC submission report 1.0.0

NSTIC submission report 1.0.0 submitted to Jeremy Grant by July 22, 2011.


Richard Wilsher & Joni Brennan obtain original documentation - vote to receive report.

Approved by Mark Lizar, moved by Bob Pinheiro.

Quarterly reports due 

  • Quarterly reports for 2011Q2 are due by July 31.

Trust Framework Steering Committee status

We'll ask Anna Ticktin to jump-start this.  Anna is sending a poll. 

ULX WG shutdown

Bob Morgan confirmed that the closure of the ULX WG would be immanent due to projected work and resources.  Official shutdown process should be initiated unless otherwise notified.

PIDS Project Update

Pete Palmer presented on the current project - - 

Next Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 3 August 2011
  • Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)
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