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  • LC eballot to approve the mDL DG Charter
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Dear Kantara Initiative Work Group Chairs,

This Wiki page initiates a Leadership Council eBallot to approve the mDL DG Charter.

Motion:LC eballot to approve the mDL DG Charter
Please cast your vote below. IMPORTANT: in order to record your vote you need to log in into Confluence.

Do you approve? Result Voters
Yes 5 Thomas e Sullivan, MD , Jim Kragh , Jim Pasquale , John Wunderlich , Eve Maler
No 0
Abstain 0

Ballot Opens:

Ballot Closes:

Monday, September 28th 2020

Monday, October 5th 2020 at 5pm EST

Voting Rules:

A Simple Majority of Voting members of the LC is required. For more information see: Kantara Operating Procedures v3.0 Section 7.6. 

Eligible voters
as of 08-14-2020:

Chairs of the following WGs:


WG Federation Interoperability

WG Identity Assurance

WG User-Managed Access

WG Healthcare Identity Assurance


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