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  • LC eballot to approve the Blinding Identity Taxonomy Report to proceed to publication as a Kantara Report
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Dear Kantara Initiative Work Group Chairs,

This Wiki page initiates a Leadership Council eBallot to approve the attached Blinding Identity Taxonomy Report to proceed to publication as an official Kantara Report. This report was initially voted on and approved on the ISI Working Group call.

Motion:To approve the Blinding Identity Taxonomy Report to proceed to publication as an official Kantara Report
Please cast your vote below. IMPORTANT: in order to record your vote you need to log in into Confluence.

Do you approve? Result Voters
Yes 6 Jim Pasquale , Julian Ranger , John Wunderlich , Ken Dagg , Rainer Hoerbe , Eve Maler
No 0
Abstain 0

Ballot Opens:

Ballot Closes:

Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020



Document Date:

Document URL:

Blinding Identity Taxonomy Report



BIT Report

Voting Rules:

A Simple Majority of Voting members of the LC is required. For more information see: Kantara Operating Procedures v3.0 Section 7.6. 

Eligible voters
as of 06-08-2020:

Chairs of the following WGs:


WG eGov

WG Federation Interoperability

WG Identity Assurance

WG User-Managed Access

WG Consent Management Solutions

WG Healthcare Identity Assurance


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  1. I find the “Dear Reader” section (lines 37 to 54) to be awkward. I would suggest changing it to the following:

    Thank you for downloading this publication prepared by the international community of experts that comprise the Kantara Initiative.  Kantara is a global non-profit ‘commons’ dedicated to improving trustworthy use of digital identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice.  'Nurture, Develop, Operate' - that’s what Kantara does.

    Kantara is known around the world for incubating innovative concepts, operating Trust Frameworks to assure digital identity and privacy service providers, and developing community-led best practice and specifications.  Its efforts are acknowledged by OECD ITAC, UNCITRAL, ISO SC27, other consortia and governments around the world

    Every publication, in every domain, is capable of improvement.  Kantara welcomes and values your contribution through membership, sponsorship and active participation in all our endeavours including in the working group that produced this publication.  With your contribution, Kantara can reflect its value back to you and your organization while continuing to consolidate an inclusive, equitable digital economy offering value and benefit to all.

  2. The following document may be interesting to the WG for future study: