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Approved by the Leadership Council on February 9, 2011

LC Approval of Group Reports


The Kantara Operating Procedures V1.1 define a Report as:

“Report” shall mean any Work Group or Discussion Group output that is not a Technical Specification that is approved by a Majority of the Group and submitted to the Leadership Council. A Report is not a branded product of the Organization (i.e. it is not submitted for an All Member Ballot)." [Sec 1.7]

The LC has authority to impose requirements on Reports for LC approval:

"In addition to development of the Draft Recommendation(s) authorized in the Work Group Charter the WG may find it appropriate to develop additional Reports. These Reports shall meet any requirements established by the LC. Submission of a report to the LC requires a Simple Majority approval of the WG." [Sec 3.9]


LC approval is not required in order for a group to produce or publish a draft or final Report as a non-Kantara-wide output.

Only LC-approved group Reports are given publicity through Kantara marketing communications channels such as its blog and Twitter feed. Thus, Report submission for LC approval is encouraged.

LC approval serves two purposes: socializing the group's work among the LC membership (peers of the group's own leadership team), and formally acknowledging that the report has met the LC's requirements.

LC approval of a Report is a prerequisite for forwarding the Report to a Kantara Initiative All-Member Ballot.

Requirements for Reports to Be LC-Approved

The requirements (as mentioned in OPs Sec 3.9) that group Reports must meet for LC approval are as follows:

  • The Report must be duly approved by a simple majority of the voting participants of the group.
  • The Report meets basic document quality requirements for spelling, formatting, etc., and uses an approved Kantara Report template where possible. The LC will work with the group to address any document quality or formatting issues to ensure that the Report is suitable as a target for Kantara PR and marketing efforts.
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