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Document Status Notice

The Identity Assurance Framework is a set of controlling documentation.
Documents may evolve independently.
The set may contain varying version numbers in the document set.
The current approved version of each document is always listed here.

Approved Recommendation (current)

Controlling Documents - Identity Assurance Framework


Kantara IAF-1000 Overview v2.0

Introduction to the Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance FrameworkIAWG

Kantara IAF-1100 Glossary v2.0

Brief summary of commonly used terms that are used across IAF documents.


Kantara IAF-1200 Levels of Assurance v2.0

Assurance Level Policy Overview and Description of the four Assurance Levels.IAWG

Kantara IAF-1300 Assurance Assessment Scheme v5.0

Explains how the Assurance Program operates.ARB

Kantara IAF-1400 Service Assessment Criteria v5.0

Explains the Service Approval assessment criteria that Assessors will use to determine Service Compliance.


Kantara IAF-1600 Assessor Qualifications and Requirements v2.0

The qualifications and requirements that ARB uses to determine Assessors Accreditation.IAWG

Kantara IAF-1800 Rules governing Assurance Assessments v2.0

Explicits the normative of the Kantara Initiative requirements. ARB

It defines the obligations upon Applicant and Approval-holding CSPs, the ARB and its Secretariat, and Accredited Assessors, with regard to the Approval assessment and application processes. Effective from: 2018-05-01, after which date any parts of the KIAF-1300 (AAS) and KIAF -1800 (RAA) which address the scope now covered by the SAH, shall be withdrawn and no longer accepted by the ARB.


Kantara Mapping Reports





IAF 5415

Kantara IAF-5415 SACv4.0bis vs IS29115_X1254 mapping v1.0.pdf

It provides a mapping between the IAF -1400 SAC and ISO/IEC 29115 (ITU-T X.1254) 


IAF 5463

Kantara IAF-5463 SAC mapping - SEAG v2.0.pdf

It provides a mapping between the IAF - 1400 SAC and NIST 800-63-2


Kantara Reports 





 IAF 1401Kantara IAF-1401 SAC v4-0bis SoC AL1_2_3_4 KDV10.xlsxSpreadsheet version of the IAF-1400 Service Assessment Criteria v4.0. It is non-normative and should be considered guidance for users of the IAF.


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