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  • Annual WG Charter Renewal
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In order to make sure all Kantara Work Groups (WGs) are active and aligned with the Kantara goals and mission, each WG will review the goals and timelines of their charter by September of each year.


  1. In August, the Kantara Leadership Council Chair will send out a note to all WG mailing lists reminding them of Kantara's goals and mission, and request that they review and update (if necessary) their charters.
  2. The WG will perform that review and vote to endorse the charter by the end of September.
  3. Upon endorsing the charter, the WG Chair will submit the charter to the LC for review and approval.
  4. The WG Secretary will verify that the WG Charter, as approved by the WG and the LC, will be updated on the wiki.

Work Group to Discussion Group

If a WG is unresponsive during the annual charter review, the WG will automatically be modified to a Discussion Group (DG).  DGs are defined in the Kantara Operating Procedures as lightweight, informal groups.  DGs are short-term groups with a maximum 1-year duration unless renewed by the DG and the LC, for up to 3 years total.

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