Blog from May, 2020


A few months ago the FIRE WG representative to the Kantara Initiative Education Foundation shared that the FIRE WG would seek funding to support the pursuit of a grant to:

  • Establish an assurance program for high assurance tokens and applications and to that end has fine-tuned the scoop to Public Health Centers - Vulnerable Populations, an activity that would build out the proposed sandbox :  
  • In addition to the above, also being considered is the build out the IDEF Registry from a partially designed and functional self-attested registry (NIST funded) to a Federated IDEF-Registry on a functional trust platform with a Trust Registry that would involve three Kantara WG’s: HIAWG, IAWG and FIRE. The application would be a Kantara assets which all the WG’s could contribute too and benefit from.
  • ONC and CMS has funding and a need in light of COVID -19. This was briefly discussed at the HIAWG meeting last week with Dr. Tom, Colin and me online; we agreed to have a follow up call. 
IAWG Update
  • Provided input to DIACC on the Person and Privacy components and the Glossary of the Pan Canadian Trust Framework.
  • Developing Service Assessment Criteria (SAC) for NIST 800-63 Rev. 3 Federation Assurance at Level 2 (FAL2) Requirements. Interacted with NIST representatives to clarify Kantara’s understanding of these requirements.
  • About to commence development of IAL, AAL, and FAL SACs for NIST 800-63 Rev. 3 Level 3 Requirements.
  • Awaiting request from NIST for comments and suggestions on how SP 800-63 Rev. 3 can be improved.
ISI WG Update - Monthly
  • The CMS WG was successfully archived and merged into ISI, where each project will include Best/Common Practices
  • The IntentCasting project has begun, check the Master Calendar or ISI page calendar for details (most friday's 11:30 AM EDT)
  • The draft requirements for a PDUR is moving forward and expected to be contributed to Kantara in this second quarter 
  • The AdvCIS continues to compile use case and further requirements to the next version of Consent Receipts while defining Notice
  • The task force chartered with publishing a report on BIT is near completion with additional input from Jan Linquist using enhancing attributes with de-identifying techniques 
UMA WG Update
  • The Work Group continued to work on the "resource definitions profile" (the first IDENTOS profile), collecting a wide variety of use cases for it.
  • The Work Group, and later an ad hoc team of interested parties, started serious work on interop/conformance testing.