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  • ISI WG well-formed and functioning as projects in teams in the following areas of:
    • Notice and Consent
      • AdvCIS
      • Reviewing ver 1.1 for fixes and deep dives into new requirements and features in a version 2.0 spec
  • Information Sharing Sustainability (variations on JLINC, and application layer protocol)
  • Personal Data Receipt
    • Framework
      • Draft Primer and overview
      • Framework flow diagram WIP 
  • Special Report to be published on BIT (Blinding Identity Taxonomy)
    • Ad-hoc group of ISI members finishing a report for BIT use by governments
      • Lead by Paul Knowles, John Wunderlich, Ken Klingenstein and Jim Pasquale
      • Initial workplace for a Kantara Blinding Identity Taxonomy:

        • 1. Preview the B.I.T. to the membership (elements plus description)

        • 2. B.I.T. Report
- Explanation of the B.I.T. methodology and applications
- Use Cases
- Schema and Profiles
- The taxonomy itself
- Appendices

        • 3. Convert Report to a Kantara Standard/Specification

        • 4. Kantara B.I.T. Assurance Service

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