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  • The Work Group has, in our last two meetings, done a fairly deep dive on one of the two IDENTOS extensions (or possibly profiles, nature to be determined). This first one focuses on interoperable resource definitions that enable an "AS-first" flow in an ecosystem where an open or common API is in use but different RS's may use different variations on a theme (originally designed for a healthcare ecosystem using FHIR). There is interest to consider this work in some fashion. Next we'll examine their AS privacy enhancement work.
  • We also discussed online notarization and related use cases arising in the current global circumstances and potential relevance of UMA.
  • Finally, we were updated on the AdvCIS liaison project work in the ISI WG.
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  1. BTW Congrats on the new adventure, all the best for success. 

  2. Eve Maler AUTHOR

    Thanks Jim!