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  • 2019-07-12 Ad Hoc Meeting notes DRAFT
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Connected Life Innovation Groups
UMAWG1stEve Maler
UMAWG2ndMaciej Machulak
CISWG1stJim PasqualeYes
CISWG2ndAndrew Hughes (LC Chair)Yes

John Wunderlich

CMSWG1stJim Pasquale (LC Vice Chair)Y
CMSWG2ndMarco Venuti
Trust Services Interoperability Groups
IAWG1stKen DaggYes
IAWG2ndMartin SmithYes
HIAWG1stNON-VOTING 2016-09-07

Rainer Hoerbe

eGovWG2ndKeith UberYes

John Bradley

FIWG2ndWalter Forbes Hoehn
OTTOWG1stMichael Schwartz
OTTOWG2ndJanusz Ulanowski
IDPVDG1stAndrew HughesY
Kantara-Colin WallisYes


Guests: Sal D'Agostino, Mary Hodder, Jim Kragh

NOTE: As of March 2019 for calculation of quorum there are 7 Work Groups.

Meeting is quorate

Agenda and Meeting Notes

TopicDesired Outcome
Meeting Administration
Roll Call
Agenda Confirmation
  • Agenda for this ad hoc Leadership Council call:
    • Discussion of the FIRE WG Charter draft
    • Resolution of any issues
    • Motion to approve or instructions for modifications

New Business

Discuss the Federated Identity Resilient Ecosystem (FIRE) Work Group draft charter 


  • Introductions
  • FIRE WG has been meeting weekly since August 2018
    • 7 main participants
    • Working on the IDEF Registry as the Product team - carrying the work over from IDESG
  • Focus areas: Sandbox, grants pursuits, HIAWG joint work, IDEF requirements development
    • Seeking short term funds for a grant writer to get funding for more work in the WG
  • Proposal that Sal to join the IDEF Educational Foundation Board
  • Described what is in the Registry and how it relates to the ID Ecosystem Framework
  • Walked through the site
  • Comment: The IDEF work needs to integrate with the exiting Kantara Identity Assurance Framework in IAWG - how this might happen is not clear.
    • This specific aspect is not explicit in the Charter - should increase visibility of this
    • This might start as a partnership between IDEF and IAWG (and other WGs) then see where it should go
    • There is already a mapping report between the IAF and IDEF - this can be resumed
  • The dates in the Charter need to be updated
  • Q: What will the artifacts of the WG be?
    • The sandbox
    • Ratings model
    • API spec
  • Discussion about the WG deliverables in the draft charter
    • The 'sandbox' is a prototyping environment that has servers and services running that conform to the IDEF.
    • The intent is that the sandbox provides a services/network infrastructure that is built in line with the IDEF requirements.
    • It is running today

MOTION: To accept the draft FIRE WG Charter as updated during this ad hoc LC call.

Moved: Jim Pasquale

Second: Martin Smith

Discussion: None additional

Motion carried.

Action Items