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  • In 2017, the WG completed its V2.0 specification edits, undertook two public comment and IPR review periods and disposed of comments arising from these periods, and remanded the specifications to the LC for certification towards an All-Member Ballot. The WG is currently considering a late-breaking comment related to security arising out of the (successful) All-Member Ballot prior to publication of the Recommendations. In 2018, post-publication, the WG will work on a fresh Roadmap, considering joint consent receipt work, working on issues with the "extension" label, and whatever else rises to the top of its list.
  • In 2017, the Legal subgroup worked with legal expert Tim Reiniger to produce three contracted deliverables, and then put together major elements of a new UMA legal framework, in the form of a document and a series of diagrams. The framework is approaching full draft completion and readiness for practical review. In 2018, the subgroup will review its Mission, considering completing the framework document as soon as possible, working with one or more UMA deployers interested to contribute case studies, and developing the first sets of template contract and license text.
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