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  • The Work Group completed its process of disposing of all comments received since the beginning of the Public Comment and IPR Review period, and subsequently successfully held an electronic ballot as follows: "Having disposed of all Public Comment/IPR Review period comments, approve UMA 2.0 Grant rev 08 and FedAuthz rev 08 as Draft Recommendations and forward them, with reference to the UMA 2.0 Disposition of Comments, to the Kantara Leadership Council to request their certification and determination of their next step towards finalization as Recommendations." The Disposition of Comments records 37 comments (not corresponding precisely to the number of GitHub issues, which was 28). No IP claims were received. The preponderance of the edits made to the specifications were editorial. As noted in the Disposition of Comments, there were five technical changes, described thusly: "The technical changes fall into two categories: Reintroducing UMA1 design elements (items 2 and 5) and tracking existing OAuth design elements (items 1, 3, and 4) -- the latter aligning with one of our key roadmap design priorities ("simplify the protocol and make it work more like OAuth")."
  • The Legal subgroup's deliverable #3, has been completed and posted on the Legal mini-site. The subgroup will begin work on a single short, comprehensive framework document and then initial tools during Q4.
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