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  • 2017-03-15 Meeting Notes DRAFT
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Connected Life Innovation Groups
IRMWG1stSalvatore D'Agostino (LC Secretary)


IRMWG2ndBill Nelson 
UMAWG1stEve Maleryes
UMAWG2ndMaciej Machulak 
CISWG1stAndrew Hughesyes

John Wunderlich


CISWG Mark Lizar (LC Vice-Chair)yes
CISWG Mary Hodder 
IDoTDG Ingo Friese 
BSCDG Thomas Hardjono 
BSCDG Eve Maleryes
DIDProDG1stIan Glazer 
DIDProDG2ndSarah Squire 
Trust Services Interoperability Groups
IAWG1stKen Dagg


IAWG2ndAndrew Hughes (LC Chair)yes
HIAWG1stNON-VOTING 2016-09-07 

Rainer Hoerbe

eGovWG2ndKeith Uber 

John Bradley


FIWG2ndWalter Forbes Hoehn 
OTTOWG1stMichael Schwartzyes
OTTOWG2ndJanusz Ulanowski 
Kantara-Colin Wallisyes
Virtual-Megan Cannonyes

NOTE: As of March 15, 2017, for calculation of quorum there are 7 WGs.

Agenda and Meeting Notes

TopicDesired Outcome
Meeting Administration
Roll CallRoll call was taken. Quorum was not confirmed.
Agenda Confirmation
  1. New mission statement
  2. Working Group updates
  3. Alignment of KI framework
  4. GDPR toolkit
  5. Leader for privacy and public policy WG
Minutes confirmation


Draft minutes for approval:

2017-01-18 Meeting Notes DRAFT

"To approve listed meeting minutes"

Motion by:



Result: no quorum




Organizational Updates
Executive Director and Staff Report

Directors' Corner for 2017: February

  • March has been a trip into Finance industry. KYC London conference. Colin moderated panels. Made some contacts.
  • FICAM day - public service agencies. Digital signature interoperability between US and EU. Single framework for interoperable deployment.
  • Data sharing principals group
  • Colin will be traveling 3/22-5/17 with limited availability
LC Chair Report

The Kantara Initiative is the global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice.

Incorporated as Kantara Initiative Inc. on March 9, 2016 (Happy Birthday!)

  • Strategic work by Board - one was to refine mission statement.
    • IPR refresh, member structure changing.
    • Portal
    • Formalization of the community from idea to implementation
  • CIS and UMA ready to bring Recommendations to LC for sending to all member ballot
  • IRM and eGov finalizing Reports soon
  • BSC finalizing Reports soon

New Business
WG/DG Updates

Administrative Reminders/Requests

  • Charter updates please
    • Working groups should be socializing new mission statement, and revising charters accordingly.
  • Conduct annual elections, if needed please

  • request to keep blog entries short, preferably bullet lists.
  • request for original instructions on how to update blogs


OTTO WG - see blog entry

UMA WG - two deliverables in process, UMA toolkit and legal document.


IA WG - new leadership team in place.

Chair: Ken Dagg (Independent)

Vice-Chair: Scott Shorter (Kimble Associates)

Secretary: Denny Prvu (CA Technologies)

CIS WG - data conference at end of August and call for comments at the end of this month. Participation welcome.

eGov WG

Launching New WG/DG's
  • Meeting to discuss how to achieve better alignment of Kantara ID Assurance Framework with R&E Federation frameworks (InCommon, TERENA, SUNET) in April
    • Many federations that based structures on KI framework are just about to start or have begun auto-refresh of the frameworks.
    • Would be good to see if there is commonality in this next generation
    • invitation only meeting on day prior to I2 Global Summit in April. Andrew to check on dial-in.
    • Code of conduct, what we need to do together as advancing the documentation
    • intersects with IAWG and 863 being updated.
  • Starting a group to work on 'GDPR Toolkit' - multiple WG participants
    • How do we get multiple WG together to design and build
    • Data control technologies can elimate need for certain data protection requirements - that is the toolkit
    • Nimity?? GDPR toolkit is all clauses with annotations and checklists.
    • Technology is moving so fast, new technology means new risks
    • KI feels we have technology and practices that will be of use. Instead of requiring everyone to figure out Kantara, we should organize it in a way that people can look for it.
    • UMA legal group uses the GDPR toolkit phrase
  • Finding a leader for the Privacy and Public Policy WG restart
    • Looking for fresh people to work on this
    • Need a place to discuss a position on this issue through this group
      • ex. UK ICO public review period
    • put this out for comment to previous WG, and then move into refreshing the group. (Emma Butler, Susan Landow)
    • Andrew and Mark to work on CTA
    • LC reps on the BoD call to bring it up in the BoD call (Mark or Andrew)
    • GDPR focus? No. General purpose group.
Long-running Topics
Action Items Review

Please take a moment to review the list of action items and do your best to take action.

Policies & Procedures update

Volunteers needed to identify areas requiring work (1 meeting)


Contributor IPR
  • IPR review is in progress. Hope for an announcement at the Kantara workshop before EIC.
  • Dataontology working group will wait to form until new IPR is available.
Tips and Tricks

Andrew still looking for a GitHub tutorial! Anyone have youtube links or willing to record a simplistic screen capture?

2017 Project Funding 
Document repo/Publications LibraryStaff are currently reviewing products for member management, group administration, document management, portal, etc.
Kantara-presence Events

List of future events on

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 Plenary and Working Group MeetingsISO SC 27April 18-25, 2017Hamilton, NZ
Internet Identity Workshop #24 + pre-workshops + post-meetingsIIW 2017 AMay 2-4, 2017Mountain View, US
European Identity and Cloud Conference 2017EIC 2017May 9-12, 2017Munich, DE
Identity North 2017**IDN 2017June 6-7, 2017Toronto, CA
Cloud Identity Summit **CIS 2017June 19-22, 2017Chicago, US

** Not listed on Kantara site yet


Open discussion

Action Items