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We only had two meetings this month due to travel schedules. Mike published some new overview slides, which can be found at:

Fundamentally, OTTO addresses two federation challenges:

1. Scalable trust management (distributing public keys with increased trust v. TLS)

2. Discovery (how can applications automate retreival of information about federation entities)

The thesis of OTTO is that linked data (JSON-LD), provides a compelling solution for the distribution of keys that is more scalable then the current approach to interfederation, which requires a lot of copying.

After posting my slides on the refeds mailing list, Leif Johannson had some doubts about our approach, or perhaps has a better idea of how to solve the challenge. We're hoping to get that feedback on a call Thursday, 11/10. This is good news because the refeds community is one of the most influential users of multi-party federation. If we're missing something, they can help us understand what it is.

The main goal facing us is how to define the JSON-LD schema for core OTTO objects for key and discovery information. That will be the focus through year end. 

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