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  • 2016-11-16 Meeting Minutes
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November 16, 2016


Representation NameAttended
Connected Life Innovation Groups
IRMWG1stSalvatore D'Agostino (LC Secretary)Yes
IRMWG2ndBill NelsonNo
UMAWG1stEve MalerNo
UMAWG2ndMaciej MachulakNo

John Wunderlich


CISWG Mark Lizar (LC Vice-Chair)No
CISWG Mary HodderNo
IDoTDG Ingo FrieseNo
BSCDG Thomas Hardjono


BSCDG Eve MalerNo
DIDProDG1stIan GlazerNo
DIDProDG2ndSarah SquireNo
Trust Services Interoperability Groups
IAWG1stKen Dagg


IAWG2ndAndrew Hughes (LC Chair)Yes
HIAWG1stNON-VOTING 2016-09-07-

Rainer Hoerbe

eGovWG2ndKeith UberNo

John Bradley


FIWG2ndWalter Forbes HoehnNo
OTTOWG1stMichael SchwartzYes
OTTOWG2ndJanusz UlanowskiNo
Kantara-Colin WallisYes
Virtual-Shannon TaylorYes

Agenda and Meeting Notes

TopicMeeting Notes
Meeting Administration
Roll Call

Quorum not established.

Agenda Confirmation

The agenda was reviewed, no other topics were added by attendees.

Organizational Updates
Executive Director Report and Staff Report

Colin/Shannon provided organization highlights:

  • The Executive Director Report for October was issued a couple of weeks ago and can be reviewed.
  • Kantara has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with EEMA. This is an important relationship as Kantara establishes itself in Europe.
  • Board of Directors held a strategic planning meeting after IIW:
    • Further discussion to occur on Mission, Membership and Activities - current state analysis & future state development with respect to member value and relevance
    • Expect outputs in early 2017
  • Development underway on a form before download for Kantara resources. Publications will not be closed, this allows for analytics/data.
  • The draft IPR for non-assert covenant has been received; extensive work needed to merge it with current IPR statements. Due to the difficulty of running several IPR statements, it may be advantageous it may be beneficial for the non-assert covenant to be the default for all Work groups.
LC Chair Report
  • Lots of active participation and contributions
  • Working with Board of Directors and staff to align the Groups more directly to Kantara's mission & make it easier to see how member contributions are valued and valuable
  • The Consent and Information Sharing WG is about to approve the Consent Receipt v1.0 spec
    • Please watch for an e-ballot notification to the LC list to release this to general members for an all-member ballot
    • Goal is to have an approved v1.0 spec in January
Upcoming Events

Kantara has several events coming up over the next few months including:

  • ISSE/OECD conferences were this week, Colin attended both.
  • February 2017: TIIME
  • February 2017: RSA Conference
    • The session that Andrew, Eve and Mike put together was not accepted.
    • ID Pro DG submitted a session that also was not accepted.

The list of events with a Kantara presence or sponsorship: . But events and workshops need lots planning well in advance. Who can help on TIIME? EIC 2017? Sign up here to help: DG - Events and Workshop Planning Home

Current Kantara themes: Digital ID Pro incubation, Kantara Identity & Privacy Incubator Program (DHS funding for research projects), Personal Data Ecosystem collaboration

New Business

WG/DG Updates

  • DIDPro
  • IRM
  • CIS
  • IDoT
  • BSC
  • IA
  • HIA
  • eGOV
  • FI
  • OTTO


The final draft is expected in the next week with the review of the document, approval of the work product by the WG and submission to the LC for recommendation as a Kantara report commencing on our next regularly scheduled meeting 29 November 2016.

The current posted draft (which is under edit primarily by WG Editor Ian Glazer and with minor addition by WG Chair Sal D'Agostino) is here for download.  

Comments can be put to the WG email list.

The group discussed what's next with IRM once the draft document is completed. Andrew, Sal and Jim to talk offline so that a recommendation can be made to the IRM WG on best next steps after the document is complete.


The DG has been meeting regularly (one hour twice a week). The DG has been established for four months and has begun work on writing a report. The bulk of the writing is being done by Eve and Thomas.

A key deliverable in the report is to notate what the next steps are with this particular project/topic.


  • The WG is expected soon on V1.0 of the spec.
  • Meetings are continuing on the two User Managed Terms. There have been conversations about next steps in connecting user managed terms to consent receipts in terms of the overall work group.


  • Leif Johannson has some ideas about the requirements that the group is exploring, overall feeling good about his comments.
  • The project with DHS that is starting will assist with practical examples.
  • Help is needed with spec writing and defining data structure. Exploration/discussion as to Internet2 further work and possibly a joint statement.
  • ACTION: Mike, Andrew and Colin to discuss formulating a public announcement approach for OTTO advancement. Could be just asking Internet2 for bullets.
  • Noted that Internet2 has a global summit in April; OTTO should consider submitting a session for this event.


  • Leadership elected: Chair: Ian Glazer; Vice-Chair: Sarah Squire; Secretary: Andrew Hughes.
  • Project teams formed with leaders for each team: Membership Services, Body of Knowledge, Governance, and Code of Conduct.
  • Targeting outputs of these groups in public by the RSA Conference.


  • Developing comments for NIST 8149.
  • Discussing impact of NIST 80063-3 on the Kantara IAF, waiting to see what NIST releases. There is a likelihood of a funding request.
  • The contract to provide the descriptive text that prefaces the SAC in the IAF has been awarded to a joint team of Richard Wilshire and Ken Dagg. Work has begun and will continue in the new year.

Legal sub group of UMA: 

  • Attention legal eagles and closet lawyers!  There have been some really good conversation in this group and on account of that some directed funding support has emerged to develop those conversations into a tangible valuable deliverable. As soon as Eve can release details, she will. 

eGov WG:

  • The group is preparing a discovery project to locate and analyse Government identity schemes recently introduced, in operation, or recently closed. eGov Chair Rainer, led a similar project around 5 years ago and the comparison between then and now should add significant value to the community's understanding of this sector of the community.  If you can point the eGov folks to links to research papers, reports or similar data assets please email
Launching WG/DG Discussion

Not pushing new ones at this point, there are a couple of new ideas in the works on:

  • Personal Data
  • CIS WG will likely shut down and launch under a new name.
Long-running Topics
Action Items ReviewReview action items
Contributor IPR

See status as noted above.

Tips and Tricks

Continued conversation on group and conversation management tips and recommendations.

  • Seeking a tutorial on how to use github to do collaborative document editing
Kantara Policy Audit 
2017 Project FundingNo project funding requests have been received to date. It is likely that UMA Dev and IAWG will be sending in requests.
Document repo/Publications LibraryWork in progress.

Open Discussion

  • Discussion regarding path forward for Confluence as Kantara Europe starts up.