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  • 2015-03-11 Meeting Minutes
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STATUS: Not Approved


March 11, 2015


  • Roll Call
  • Approve Minutes
  • Administration
  • Voting
  • Discussion Items
  • Marketing Updates
  • BoT Liaison
  • AoB


 2minRoll CallSal
  • Ken Dagg (IAWG)
  • Mark Lizar (CISWG)
  • Mary Hodder (CISWG)
  • Sal D’Agostino (IRMWG)
  • Pete Palmer (HIAWG)
  • John Bradley (FIWG)
  • Joni Brennan (Staff)
  • Marissa Jadrosich (Staff)
  • Nicole Domkiw (Support)

  • Quorate
 2minApprove Minutes Pete
 5minAdministration Sal
      • Joni leaving for SouthbySouthWest tomorrow
      • Breakfast with UMA at HIMSS
      • RSA- Eve and Ian presenting duo panel. Joni moderating session ‘Right to be Forgotten’
    • WG Quarterly Report Planning
 5minVoting Pete
  • Review Operating procedures, approved by the Trustees, now available to go to LC before going to all member ballot
  • Approve social media use guidelines
  • Everyone please review documents- post-pone voting items until next call.
  • UMA all member ballot open- please remind WGs to vote
 5minDiscussion Items Sal
  • Strategic initiative- operationalizing against the Kantara themes (Connected Life vs. the Trust Services)
  • Possible graphic representation of overlap
  • Ecosystem analysis – who the members are
  • Virtual plenary -  information sharing / pre-recorded session (virtual whiteboard prior)
  • Start a thread on the list about collaboration (in-person, virtual, topics)
  • Keep on agenda for planning
  • Timeframe for first meeting
  • Survey for topics people want to hear about from Kantara
 2minMarketing Updates Joni
  • Identify/confirm the resources we have in place.  Identify gaps.
  • Dates for future KI events.
 10minWG Updates Sal
  • IRM- Principals of Relationships Management document renamed from Laws of Relationship Management. Please re-approve as Kantara report with new name – no objection. Work is being done around “What is IRM?” – taking about examples of where it might exist in the world. Conversations of about relationships in play and transportation use cases.  Start a next phase related to Principals of Relationship Management- looking at where the principals apply and in what ways, with use cases. Following up with ways to measure things that might be indicative of characteristics of relationships.  IRM Summit in June.
  • IRMWG- switched from weekly to biweekly calls. Pete took notes here
  • HIAWG- request from FICAM where we see issues with Trust Framework and how they are applicable. Rich Furr drafted a plan. Timeline: a few weeks.
  • FIWG- next call will discuss new work items; Scott is considering updating the profile. Various activities around Connect from GSA, GSMA.  Assurance review board- follow up discussion.
  • CISWG- first draft of version 6 looking to put that into the wiki within the next few weeks, call to action for interested parties. Expand participation and a social action.
 2minBoT LiaisonColin & SalNone
 AoB None

Action Items