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  • 2014-04-09 Meeting Minutes
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Date and Time


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve Minutes: LC Telecon Minutes 2014-03-12
  3. Administration:
    1. Action Item Review
    2. Executive Director Report - see Executive Director's Corner
  4. Voting
    1. TBD
  5. Discussion - Request for Recommendation from IAWG

    1. Review the Recommendation package (see Joni's e-mail)
    2. Advise if there is a need for an IAWG discussion on the LC agenda to discuss questions etc
    3. Initiate an LC motion to indicate the document set is LC approved toward the initiation of an All Member Ballot.

    For LC reference: Sections 3.8 and 5 of the Operating Procedures ( explain the processes and responsibilities for development of a Recommendation.

  6. Marketing updates
    1. TBD
    2. Marketing and Outreach
      1. Event Radar 2014
  7. WG Updates
  8. BoT Liaison Representative Update
  9. AOB
  10. Adjourn


Apr 09, 2014


  • Mark Lizar (CISWG)

  • Pete Palmer (HIAWG)

  • Eve Maler (UMAWG)

  • Colin Wallis (eGOV)

  • Sal D’Agostino (AIMWG)

  • Rich Furr (IDWG)

  • John Bradley (FIWG)
  • Ingo Friese (IoT DG)
  • Joni Brennan (Executive Director)
  • Aldea Merry Miller (Secretary)

    Quorum reached.


  • Approve minutes.
    1. Motion to approve minutes made by John Bradley seconded by Sal D'Agostino. Minutes approved.
  • Action item review.
    1. No Action items.
  • Administration
    1. Executive Director Report:
  • Joni announced that Kantara will be hiring two new people. One will help with program management and overarching high level support. The other new person will be helping in an administrative function processing invoices etc.
  • Joni discussed upcoming events in May. The European Identity Conference is in the second week of May. There will be a face-to-face Kantara plenary session on Monday May 12 and a Kantara workshop on Tuesday. Registration will be going up in a few days and Joni said she hoped many would be able to join.
  • Joni also wanted to announce that there is a Kantara speaker's bureau being formed and she will be compiling a list of people willing to speak at conferences and panels.
  • Voting
    1. TBD
  • Discussion
    1. Richard presented on the latest version of the IAF Service Assessment Criteria. There was a 45 day comment period and resulting comments were included in the final draft version.
  • John commented that basing any recommendations of the new phycam would be a mistake. Joni said this would be a good discussion for the IAWG call. The scope of the LC is to attest that the document was produced in a transparent fashion following protocol.
  • Richard made a motion for the LC to accept the Proto SAC v4.0. John seconded. Motion carried by unanimous consent.
  • Marketing updates
    1. There are two press releases coming out, one on euro point reaccreditation.
    2. There is an upcoming Google hangout with secure key. It is part of a series that new Kantara board member--IEEESA--has been hosting.
  • WG updates
    1. Andrew reported from HIAWG. He said that work continues on their feasibility study.
    2. The IAWG discussed a conference in Seoul. They are producing a living document describing their work intending to bring it onto the website.
  • BoT Liason Representative Update
    1. IDOC in Mountain View. A new management council will be in effect April 14. Andrew is plenary vice chair. The pilot programs went through lessons learned. The next plenary session is in June in Washington D.C. Two of the pilots are over and ten currently ongoing. They are starting to produce interesting results.
  • Adjourn

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Action Items