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To contribute material, please ensure that you have previously signed the Group Participation Agreement.

Catalog of Use Cases & Status

This table shows potential use case sources, DG person responsible and collection status.

** Status: 1-Source proposed; 2-source confirmed; 3-raw UC received; 4-edited UC posted; 5-final draft posted


SourceDG PersonUse Case NameIndustry

Purpose of IDPV

(e.g. program registration; eligibility;
regulatory; risk management)

IDPV mechanism

(e.g. in person; remote; biometric)

Received dateEditorPosted dateAssigned UC#
5-Final draftLifeMed IDSchulten
  • New patient registration current
HealthcareRegistration of patient and search for matching medical record / patient fileIn person2018-12-12Hughes2018-12-12UC01
5-Final draftLifeMed IDSchulten
  • New patient registration future
HealthcareRegistration of patient and search for matching medical record / patient fileIn person2018-12-12Hughes2018-12-12UC02
3-raw UC receivedUKYoungHousing applicationPublic ServicesCreating/establishing an identity for a citizen and determining eligibility for access to public services

1-Source proposed





Government services
  • Initial Enrolment
  • Subsequent use

1-Source proposedRENIAC / PeruCallahanTBDFinancial services
  • KYC

1-Source proposedINE / MexicoCallahan


Government services

Financial services

  • Voter database

1-Source proposedAlipay / IFAAHughes


Financial services
  • Initial enrolment
  • KYC

1-Source proposedW3C Credentials Community GroupAndrieuTBDVarious TBD
  • Various from Verifiable Credentials use cases report TBD

1-Source proposedPayPalHapner or HughesTBDFinancial servicesTBD

2-Source confirmedCapital OneSkybergTBDFinancial servicesTBD

2-Source confirmedExperianHarkemaTBDTBDTBD

2-Source confirmedAirside MobileDavisGeneral aviation - passenger verification for manifestAviation / border controlPilots are required to compile accurate passenger manifests including verification of identification documents. Border and customs officers review on landing in USA. For small airport, general aviation, the ID expertise of pilots and on-ground support systems are lacking.In person

2-Source confirmedUS Postal ServiceMcBrideTBDGovernment servicesTBD

2-Source confirmedGovernment of Canada (Federal, Provincial, Territorial)McMillan / HughesVarious TBDGovernment servicesVarious TBD

2-Source proposedFIDO Alliance attestation programTBDTBDTBDUse cases for IoT verification of identifiers to authoritative source registries

Use Cases Uploaded to Wiki

This page lists all Use Cases that have been contributed to the DG.

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