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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG)


The IAWG is an active discussion forum that maintains the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) and supports Kantara Initiative Inc. governance and assurance programs. The IAF includes the standards, processes, practices, guidance and methods by which participants in identity federations gain assurance of the reliability, security, thoroughness and degree of assurance of each others' processes for identity and credential information verification, validation and exchange.

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General Information

Action item list and Issue tracker

2017 Meetings and Minutes

Reference Material

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Work streams


Secretary Office

This WG Identity Assurance operates under the Kantara Initiative IPR Policy


Chair Ken Dagg (March 2017)
Vice-Chair Scott Shorter, KUMA (March 2017)
Secretary Denny Prvu, CA Technologies (March 2017)
Roles of Leadership 

Mail List 


Teleconference Info 

DAY: Weekly on Thursdays

TIME: 10:00 Pacific Time | 13:00 Eastern Time (meeting is pinned to Eastern Time - use Time Zone Converter to convert to other time zones)

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