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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference

Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes Approval: 
      1. DRAFT IAWG Meeting Minutes 2017-03-23
    4. Action Item Review: action item list
    5. Organization Updates - Director's Corner
    6. Staff reports and updates
    7. LC reports and updates
    8. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)
  2. Discussion
    1. Final review of charter
    2. Final review of NIST 800-63-3 comments
  3. AOB


Link to IAWG Roster

As of 2017-03-16, quorum is 4 of 8 (see list box below for voting members)

Use the Info box below to record the meeting quorum status

Meeting (did / did not) achieve quorum




  • Ken Dagg (C)
  • Scott Shorter (VC)
  • Denny Prvu (S)


  • Angela Rey
  • Boris Kronrod


  • Ruth Puente
  • Colin Wallis


  • None


Voting Members for Cut/Paste

  • Ken Dagg (C)
  • Andrew Hughes
  • Scott Shorter (VC)
  • Denny Prvu (S)
  • Paul Caskey
  • Adam Madlin
  • Richard Wilsher
  • Lee Aber

Selected Non-Voting members for Cut/Paste

  • Bill Braithwaite
  • Rich Furr
  • Devin Kusek
  • Björn Sjöholm
  • Susan Schreiner
  • Jeff Stollman


Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval

Motion to approve minutes of 2017-03-23: 
Motion Carried | Carried with amendments | Defeated

Action Item Review


Staff Updates

Director's Corner (Link)
  •  KYC workshop in London, attended by some Kantara members and friends. Colin chaired a panel on trust and related aspects. Discussion of blockchain in financial services.
  • Andrew Hughes and Colin Wallis attended FICAM open day on 3/8 - mostly about digital signature interoperability, progress between Federal PKI bridge, ETSI in EU.
LC Updates
  • Richard Wilsher is updating documents for the ARB, AAS and RAA are being put into handbooks for 
  • SAC update, the latest (final) deliverable from consultants will be at the end of next week
  • Kantara IPR review is underway
Participant updates
  •  Identity North is coming up the beginning of June


Charter Discussion

Scott Shorter moves to adopt to the charter. Denny Prvu seconds.

800-63-3 Comments

Gathered, will be submitted with a letter from Colin.





Next Meeting

  • Date: Thursday, 2017-04-06
  • Time: 12:00 PT | 15:00 ET
  • Time: 12:00 PDT | 15:00 EDT


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