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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference


Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval: IAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-11-13
  2. Discussion
    1.  US Federal Profile
    2. FICAM TFS component mapping
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn


Link to IAWG Roster

As of 2014-09-29, quorum is 8 of 14


Meeting achieved quorum




  • Rich Furr ( C)
  • Andrew Hughes (S)
  • Ken Dagg
  • Scott Shorter
  • Richard Wilsher
  • Devin Kusek
  • Bill Braithwaite
  • Lee Aber


  • Peter Alterman
  • Animesh Chowdhury
  • Ann Raccuya-Robbins
  • Keith Über


  •  Joni Brennan


    • Cathy Tilton
    • Adam Madlin

Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval

IAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-11-13

Motion to approve minutes of 2014-11-20: Wilsher
Seconded: Braithwaite
Discussion: None
Motion Carried


US Federal Profile

  • Andrew sent the draft US Federal Profile to the list for comment; none received
  • Andrew to commence the approval process

FICAM Component Spreadsheet

  • 2 FICAM TFS meetings today
    • Joni & Peter attended the TFP-only one
    • Rich and Peter and Others attended the open meeting - the component allocation sheet was the major discussion point
  • At the 1st meeting
  • The work on the spreadsheet is for the 3 TFPs to collaborate - it is not a 'normal' Kantara document
    • The document is ready to progress to FICAM TFS as the joint opinion of the TFPs, for FICAM to review/comment and work with
  • A feedback loop starts now to work with FICAM to discuss/comment/refine
  • Discussion about attribute bundles - Industry does not have clear lines of sight on how to achieve the objectives & will work together with FICAM to resolve
  • 2nd meeting
  • Similar to the 1st meeting
    • Anil is ready to receive the spreadsheet 
    • Made it clear that currently there are items that cannot be met (e.g. need for annual review cycle; and mother's maiden name in attribute bundles)
    • Ken requested that Joni ask TFS to keep the spreadsheet on the agenda of the monthly TFS meeting
      • Anil committed to take the input, work with it, set up a meeting with the TFPs to work together to refine the v2.xx
      • We should bring this to closure and not drag it out
  • Consensus was to move forward



Next Meeting