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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference


IAWG Approved November 13, 2014


Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval:  IAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-10-09
  2. Discussion
    1. Federal Profile of SAC discussion
    2. Discussion of Meeting time changes
    3. Review action items
  3. AOB
    1.  Discuss FICAM TFP cross-recognition approach
  4. Adjourn


Link to IAWG Roster

As of 2014-10-16, quorum is 8 of 14. 


Meeting achieved quorum




  • Rich Furr ( C)
  • Paul Calatayud (V-C)
  • Andrew Hughes (S)
  • Scott Shorter
  • Devin Kusek
  • Bill Braithwaite
  • Adam Madlin
  • Cathy Tilton


  •  Peter Alterman


  • Joni Brennan 


  • Wilsher



Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval

IAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-10-09

Motion to approve minutes of 2014-10-23: Calatayud
Seconded: Tilton
Discussion: None
Motion Carried


FICAM Profile
  • Andrew presented the proposed changes to the US FICAM Profile.
  • Action: Send to the list for 1 week for comments
Meeting time discussion 

Motion: Rich Furr moves to change the regular IAWG meeting time to Noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern Time), effective October 30, 2014.

Second: Hughes

Discussion: None

Motion carries


FICAM TFS cross-TFP use of approved service components
  • At the last FICAM TFS call with CSPs and TFPs there was a discussion about the current prohibition on allowing Service Component Providers approved under one TFP to be directly used by a different TFP when seeking approval under that second TFP.
  • The core concern of FICAM TFS is to ensure that all trust criteria are covered adequately
  • The TFP position is that through conformity to the FICAM TFS TFPAP, approved entities should be equivalent
  • The discussion centered on the interoperability and protocols between the two Service Component providers
  • FICAM TFS did not clarify which Trust Criteria are applicable to the different roles and actors specified
    • Looking to IAWG to make this determination
  • When one component exchanges data with another component there are explicit requirements from FICAM TFPAP
  • Work was done in 2014 to separate and assign requirements to components and which were inter-component (Peter, Rich, Scott, Andrew)
    • IAWG could confirm the breakout and formally submit it to FICAM as a joint submission
  • Shorter proposes to separate the Identity Manager from the Identity Proofer role in the current spreadsheet
  • Peter Alterman to locate the correct spreadsheet and distribute to IAWG
  • Joni - this would actually be increasing the formalization of the current state - service providers ability to contract with other service providers & extending across TFPs
  • The common thread among FICAM TFPs is FICAM itself
  • Rich has sent a reference spreadsheet to the list as a starting point - pick up in 2 weeks

Next Meeting