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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference


Meeting Minutes approved October 3, 2013


Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval: IAWG Meeting Minutes 2013-09-19
    4. Action Item Review
    5. Staff reports and updates
    6. LC reports and updates
    7. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)
  2. Discussion
    1. Resilient Networks team introduction
      1. Resilient pilot and IAWG-IAF interactions
      2. Timelines & expectations of IAWG
    2. Glossary update
    3. IAWG Roadmap review
      1. In particular, do we have enough information at present to identify a timeline for IAF v4.0? (major change revision) Or should there be an IAF v3.1 (updated criteria, same underlying structure)
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn


Link to IAWG Roster

As of 1 July 2013, quorum is 5 of 9


Meeting achieved quorum



  • Myisha Frazier-McElveen (C)
  • Rich Furr (V-C)
  • Andrew Hughes (S)
  • Scott Shorter
  • Matt Thompson


  • Ken Dagg
  • Colin Soutar
  • Matt Woodhill (Resilient Networks)
  • Kenneth Myers (PKH Enterprises)
  • Patricia Hammar (PKH Enterprises)


  •  Joni Brennan


  • Cathy Tilton

Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval

IAWG Meeting Minutes 2013-09-19

Motion to approve minutes of 2013/9/19: Rich Furr
Seconded: Scott Shorter
Discussion: None
Motion Passed 

Action Item Review

See the Action Items Log wiki page

Staff Updates

  • Director's Corner Link
  • Event Radar 2013 and 2014 Link
    • Upcoming events October 14 workshop before Smart Card Alliance
    • KI participating in SCA as well October 15-16 (DC)
    • User Centric ID Live October 15-16 - presenting (DC)
    • IDESG Plenary at NIST October 16-18 - attending
    • IIW meeting October 22-24 Mountain View - Joni attending
LC Updates
  • Feedback on acceptance process between WG and LC (vote in WG first then vote in LC)
  • LC Minutes have been posted - please check there for proceedings
Participant updates
  • none new


Resilient Networks team introduction
  • Patricia Hammar (PKH Enterprises)
    • Preparing an analysis of the Resilient Networks Trust Framework versus the IAF - gaps, coverage, how to accommodate differences if present
    • Ken Myers is building a matrix showing the IAF parts, the Kantara docs for cross-reference - this would be the first part for the subgroup to look at
  • Matt Woodward
    • Resilient Systems was in the first round of NSTIC Pilot grants
    • Building the technology, partnerships and legal agreements and broader trust framework they will operate under
    • Have Healthcare and Higher Ed Use cases
    • RSN has a WG looking at Policy and Privacy issues, data flows, accountabilities, and ID assurance issues
    • Whatever is developed needs assessment and needs independent certification - this is the key element in the relationship with Kantara
    • The solution is the Resilient "Trust Network" - PKH is working on the policy review and alignment
  • Discussion:
    • Early findings - RSN has built structures to minimize the amount of information is sent with queries (yes/no instead of the attributes). Q: is this outside of the scope of the IAF? or is this just a different approach?
    • Q: What LOA is RSN working at? A: Their framework and infrastructure will allow them to work at any level. 
    • Q: What kinds of tokens are planned for RSN: Passwords? OTP? other? A: Initially plan to tokenize data to minimize raw data transfers (need to match up to 800-63 Table 7)
    • Q: RSN looking for interoperability with existing CSP/IDP? A: There is the capability built in, but starting internal to the Trust Network only
    • Q: is the idea of the work that RSN become certified under the Kantara IAF? A: No not necessarily. It is to gain an understanding if any particular application of Trust Network is suitable for certification - that goes into the NSTIC analysis.
  • Practicalities of the sub-group:
    • JB: should be similar to existing sub-groups
      • Phase 1: Gap analysis work - subgroup will be called to review first draft
      • Phase 2: Identify what's reusable or what needs to be created
    • PKH: first group - want to have kickoff meeting in next couple weeks
      • analytic review by sub-team of first draft will be a couple weeks duration
  • ACTION: Andrew to send out call for volunteers for subgroup. Patricia to provide content for the email
  • ACTION: High level presentation / overview to IAWG on Resilient Trust Networks approach and plans
  • ACTION: Add the RSN subgroup to the Roadmap: Q4 for Phase 1
Glossary Updates
  • The glossary is out on the list for review - comments are required to ensure quality and alignment with IAF documents.
IAWG Roadmap review
  • What's the goal for publishing the next version of IAF?
    • Ideally publish a minor revision incorporating Glossary, SAC work, Modular IAF
    • Need to figure out a reasonable/realistic timeframe - can these drives come together in a reasonable timeframe? or should they cause updates to IAF serially?
  • Joni requested a visual representation (Gantt chart-ish view) of the work in the IAWG to better see overlaps and critical timing
  • Joni asked how the Executive Director can help reach out to organizations to join the effort


  • None raised




Next Meeting


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