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Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference

Approved by IAWG 27 June 2013


Date and Time


    1. Administration:
      1. Roll Call
      2. Agenda Confirmation
    2. Discussion
      1. Report from IIW, IDESG re: Trust Frameworks
      2. 800-63 comparison update
    3. AOB
    4. Adjourn


  • Cathy Tilton
  • Scott Shorter
  • Myisha Frazier- McElveen
  • Richard Wilsher

As of 14 January 2013, quorum is 4 of 7


  • Kim White


  • Heather Flanagan

Notes & Minutes

Motion IDMotionMade bySecond
M-20130516-01ALx_CO_ISM_#090 should be withdrawn from the SOC for reasons previously discussedRichard WilsherScott Shorter



Report from IIW, IDESG re: Trust Frameworks
  • Kim Little gave an interesting presentation on business models for a non-government IDESG
  • Scott Shorter and Cathy Tilton tried to get feedback on their use cases; this will also be discussed at the Standards meeting later with the IDESG
    • the discussion did not go entirely as expected as people critiqued the use cases rather than discussing the intent
  • IDESG: pilots reported out and use cases were a big topic; discussion within IDESG has moved from governance to use cases; Standards group has also talked about adoption policy
  • Trust Framework and Accreditation group - people on today's calls were not able to attend; leader elections for the group are still under way
800-63 comparison update
  • about a week away from first draft completion
  • once the first draft is complete, Richard will put this out to the IAWG for review; did try to get feedback from a small group but received no input from that group; will add this to the May 30 call to review formal comments; may do a highlight discussion on the May 23 call


  • Reminder that there was an interesting discussion on Information Security Management system review in notes from 2 May 2013; should review those for a future call when Richard, Andrew, and Rich are all on the call; formal proposal to remove that requirement could be made today to remove fro AL 2-4 ALx_CO_ISM_#90; that would mean an internal audit every 12 months would be the only thing required, but not require an independent audit since an independent audit is happening as they are being assessed anyway.
    • Richard Wilsher moves that ALx_CO_ISM_#090 be withdrawn from the SOC for reasons previously discussed; Scott Shorter seconds; motion passed with no objection

Next Meeting


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