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Minutes approved, 14-March-2013

IAWG Meeting 13 December 2012

Date and Time


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval: IAWG Meeting Minutes 2012-11-08
    4. Upcoming meeting schedule (winter holidays)
  2. Discussion
    1. IAF Status update
    2. Issue Tracking update
    3. Glossary work
    4. Year-end report
    5. 29115 and 800-63 efforts
    6. Decoupled Binding Model
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn


  • Andrew Hughes
  • Scott Shorter
  • Bill Braithwaite
  • Myisha Frazier-McElveen

Quorum is 4 of 6 as of 17 September 2012.


  • Heather Flanagan (scribe)


  • Nathan Faut
  • Ken Dagg



  • Bill moves to approve; Andrew to second - minutes approved as written


IAF Status update

  • HF finishing up editing pass; HF to send directly to the LC when ready (hopefully tomorrow for a vote next week
  • Andrew: is there a calendar of scheduled IAF updates?  (Myisha) no, it has been ad hoc/as needed, but we should get more organized on this
    • AI: HF to create a separate administrative calendar with quarterly reports due, suggestions of other dates; if the IAF gets on a schedule to include those dates as well
    • (Andrew) Suggest that it will be on an 18-month formal schedule = 12 month collection of comments, analysis of current version; last 6 month will be edits and review cycles; can happen more often if circumstances require
    • (Scott) suggests a minor release / errata release - what would be the rules around errata?  (Bill) Perhaps a process that would create an addendum to include the errata? Adding to the doc as opposed to changing the doc should be reasonable
    • AI: HF to follow up with Joni re: errata and to put it on the next LC agenda (pending response from Joni)

Issue Tracking update

  • HF: this is not the Disposition of Comment form, this is the general idea form; the tickets will go straight to staff since there is no way to anonymize the tickets
    • (Andrew) suggest expanding the IAF-doc number to include doc acronym (ie, RAA, SAC); see if we can add an optional field for section number/line number

Glossary work

  • design team has a draft of terms that seems very comprehensive; any additional thought on process or timeframes?
    • Scott, Bill to get input to Ken before end of year

Year-end report

  • our roadmap needs updating; outline the achievements for the year; can gather from Quarterly Reports; plus outline and plan for work in the upcoming year

29115 and 800-63 efforts

  • some concerns about the requirements for the BoT subcommittee/liaison group; who has joined that group? Bill, Colin, Myisha
    • AI: resend instructions on how to sign in to that group and find out what the process is to convene that subcommittee
    • Note that the text cannot be shared, but the issues that are referred to in the text can be framed and discussed

Decoupled Binding Model

  • (Andrew) presented at the F2F, and they were well-received; there are a few more updates to the docs (mostly to the terms) and then beyond that the model itself is complete and we can get back to the original question which is what to do with the pseudononymous approach
  • (Myisha) this brings us back to the IAF review cycle: as we come up with the potential list of edits, we know that an update has to happen to 800-63-2; this is starting to look like another large, formal review; there will likely even be 3-4 edit streams going on at the same time
    • (Andrew) we need to make these docs more agile while still keeping with formal acceptance of documents; we need to demonstrate compliance with many different profiles, so perhaps further generalize and create a core features version with more profiles
      • (Myisha) if you're going to take a portion of the SAC and apply it, is that a profile or components?
      • (Andrew) how to do we make it module while still making it respected?
      • (Myisha) there's the Additional Criteria path we currently follow - would that work?
      • (Ken) the chunking in to pieces is just about necessary; there are the US criteria, in Canada there is clear legislation that one would have to meet
      • Will apply this model to the next IAF review

More on Roadmap

  • Relying Party roadmap not likely to happen in the foreseeable future; no champion for that work
  • Alignment with 800-63
  • AI: HF to add decoupled binding (identification of work (2013 Q1) + rewriting and editing (2013 Q3* this work must align with the comparability work) and 29115 comparison (need to start the discussion to get a timeline)
  • Keep an eye on the Kantara IDESG efforts and recommend our work where appropriate
  • Jeremy Grant mentioned there was potentially room for another round of pilot funding in 2013; need to bring this to Joni and the BoT through the LC


  • Note: no call on Dec 20; aim for next call on 27 Dec

Next call:




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