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IAWG feedback on NIST SP 800-63-3 

The Kantara Submission was done by Ken Dagg, IAWG Chair on 2019-07-10.

See package below. 

Kantara Reports and Memo submitted to NIST 2019-07-10

Kantara Memo to NIST.pdf

Kantara Implementation Guidance Report 2018-K-01 v2.0 (Commodity hware).docx

Kantara Implementation Guidance Report 2018-K-02 v2.0 (Authve Srcs).docx

Kantara Implementation Guidance Report 2019-U-01 v2.0 (Use of KBV).docx

Kantara Implementation Guidance Report 2019-Z-01 v2.0 (Proofing terminology).docx

Kantara Implementation Guidance Report 2019-Z-02 v2.0 (Use of TR).docx

NIST Response to the 5 Kantara Reports

Note by David Temoshok, Senior Advisor, NIST  Kantara Initiative Mail - Response to Kantara Initiative Inquiries.pdf

Report by David Temoshok Kantara Implementation Report Response_090319.docx

OMB 19-17 OMB Identity Policy Memo M-19-17.pdf

Editors Comments 

Richard Wilsher, Zygma comments Kantara Implementation Report Response 2019-09-03+Zyg.docx

Roger Quint, Unysis comments Kantara Implementation Report Response_090319_RQ1.docx

Scott Shorter comments Kantara Initiative Mail - NIST Response on 800-63-3 for your consideration.pdf

Discussion Meetings IAWG-NIST 

2019-12-05 Meeting Minutes - Meeting with NIST

2019-10-31 Meeting Minutes - Meeting with NIST

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