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David Temoshok

Workbooks for SP 800-63-3, A, B, requirements for ID proofing & Enrollment and Authentication.

Spreadsheets should be self-explanatory.

We have included requirements categories to help in review.

Review all tabs in workbooks -- any blank tabs reflect no requirements for SP 800-63.

August 16 2017
Aakash YadavNIST breakdown for the Normative sections. This can be used to further breakdown the guidelines into individual Shall / Should / May statementsAugust 23 2017
Andrew HughesDocBookAugust 30 2017
Richard Wilsher

63A IAL 2 and AAL 2 requirements and breakdown of the classic IAF 1400 into 1430 63A SAC document. 

RGW identified all the imperative requirements in 63A and proposed KI criteria in IAF 1430 63A SAC document.

August 28 2017
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