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Voting Participants: Martin Smith, Mark King, Mark Hapner, Ken Dagg (joined 1:19pm), Richard Wilsher (joined 1:29pm)

Non-voting participants: Angela Rey

Staff: Kay Chopard, Lynzie Adams

Proposed Agenda

  • Administration:
    • Roll call, determination of quorum
    • Agenda confirmation
    • Minutes approval - 2021-12-02 DRAFT Minutes
    • Staff reports and updates
    • International liaisons updates
    • LC reports and updates
    • Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)

  •  Discussion: 
    • Charter Update
    • Chair & Vice-Chair Vote
    • 2022 Workload Planning
  • Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date
    • Next meeting - January 6th 

Meeting Notes 

Administrative Items:

IAWG Vice-Chair Martin Smith called the meeting to order at 1:05PM (US Eastern).  Roll was called. Meeting was not quorate until Ken Dagg joined at 1:19pm. Martin started the meeting with non-voting items until we reached quorate. Distributed agenda was confirmed. 

Staff Reports and Updates:

Kay reported that the Annual General Membership Meeting went well. Martin reminded all Kantara members to vote in the Board election. Voting closes on Monday, December 20. Mark King felt the language around individual member's ability to vote was confusing - he was unsure if it was companies only or if individual members could also vote. Kay confirmed individual members can vote and will clarify the language in her upcoming reminder email.   Martin asked for more information on Kantara possibly becoming an international certifying body, which was briefly touched on in the AGM, and how that might impact IAWG. Kay is working with Andrew Hughes from LC to put together a business case/ cost analysis to present to the Board. The hope is this presentation/vote would take place at the February Board meeting. The cost of pursuing the certification is budgeted for this year. If the Board approves, we will then need to look how this group is impacted by that shift. 

International Liaisons Updates:

Kay continues to be engaged with OSIA. Accredited assessor KUMA has informed Kay that they have personnel to do these types of assessments and would be interested in the work. Although this is a small project currently, it is a foot in the door for a larger partnership in the future. Martin suggested looking at the broader Kantara membership for others that might be interested. Kay agrees with that but further outreach cannot happen until we are further along in the process, with a signed contract. 

Mark King inquired about the International Accreditation Forum. He provided the link: to learn more. 

Minutes approval:  Mark King made a motion to approve the draft minutes from the December 2 IAWG meeting. Martin Smith seconded the motion. The minutes, as distributed, were approved unanimously.

LC Reports and Updates:

LC is currently setting their objectives for 2022. Once those are set, IAWG can ensure that what we do aligns with those objectives. From the last LC discussion, Ken does not see anything that IAWG does not contributing to LC objectives. We will examine this further once LC objectives are set. 


Charter Update and Vote:

Ken reviewed the charter with the group. Richard raised concern over the current charter needing adapted to Kantara if they become an international certifying body. Because that has not been voted on by the Board yet, it is too premature to adjust the charter accordingly. Martin suggested adding this to the workload discussion. Ken added that if Kantara does pursue becoming an international certifying body, it may be necessary to dissolve IAWG in its current form and start fresh with a new charter. This will develop further as Kantara decides whether to pursue the certification or not. 

Martin made a motion to approve the charter in its current form. Richard seconded the motion. The charter, in its current form, was approved unanimously. Lynzie will update the approval date and leadership names accordingly.

Chair and Vice-Chair Vote:

Ken is willing to remain chair of IAWG. Martin is willing to remain vice-chair of IAWG. Lynzie is willing to remain secretary of IAWG. 

Mark Hapner made a motion to approved the 2022 leadership of the IAWG. Mark King seconded the motion. The leadership of the 2022 IAWG was approved unanimously. 

Workload Planning 2022:

The following tasks were identified for 2022:

  • New version of assessment criteria still with LC. Ken will continue to follow up and get the portions out for IPR/all-member ballot as soon as possible.
  • Start to and find some way to begin to influence NIST in respect to Rev. 4. Roadmap says it’ll be distributed second quarter 2022. 
    • Should be developing a list of priorities that we want to help influence (1st quarter)
    • An internal discussion about what we’d like to see in rev. 4. We should be trying to inject those into the NIST authors before they start releasing stuff to the public. 
    • January Board meeting – probe Matt to see what he thinks or he could address IAWG with his thoughts on this. 
    • Shortcomings of rev. 3 that need to be removed from rev. 4. And what needs to be added to rev. 4. We need to keep them high enough level that they can be addressed at the management level rather than the policy level. 
  • 20% of our time to review legislation (identity frameworks) from other nations. 
  • Mapping – from Classic to 800-63-3. Not enough return on the value to do a total mapping. But for specific scenarios or cases, they’d be happy to do the mapping requested from the ARB.

Other Business:

The next IAWG meeting will be Thursday, January 6 at 1pm EST.
Topics for that meeting will include further discussion on workload planning for 2022. 

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