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Voting Participants: Mark King, Mark Hapner, Richard Wilsher, Ken Dagg, Martin Smith

Non-voting participants: Tim Reiniger, Jim Jung 

Staff: Colin Wallis, Ruth Puente

Quorum: 3 out of 5. There was quorum.


a.Roll Call
b.Agenda Confirmation
c. Action Item Review: action item list
d. Minutes Approval 2021-02-18 DRAFT Minutes
e. Staff reports and updates
f. LC reports and updates
g. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)

2. Discussion

a. Second Phase of Australian Government Consultation on the Digital Identity Legislation - Kantara initial comments on draft position papers:
b. Consider necessary changes to subject-focused criteria.

3. Any Other Business

Minutes Approval 

2021-02-18 Minutes were approved by motion. Moved: Mark King Seconded: Mark Hapner. Unanimous approval.


  • UMA: Progress on UMA UK Pensions Dashboards. Latest UMA profile contribution Third-Party Profiles and Extensions
  • Kantara has proposed an mDL panel for the Identiverse 2021 June 21 -23, which was accepted. 
  • PImDL DG Report will be presented to IAWG before releasing it.
  • LC: LC has opened the meetings to the WGs participants and offer a presentation . Tim Reiniger will present an Overview of Virginia Legislation on the next LC meeting, March 17th. 

Second Phase of Australian Government Consultation on the Digital Identity Legislation

  • On February 25th, DTA organized a call to present the position papers, Mark King, Steven Wilson, Colin and Ruth attended the meeting. The participants claimed about the short timeframe to provide feedback on 5 papers which not all have been released. More clarity is needed on various aspects, such as who the RPs are; definition of the system that they will provide; role of the brokers; contractual position; concept of participants.  
  • Mark King has started to develop initial comments on the DTA draft position papers. Mark King walked the group through his comments on the following GSheets, which were prepared for IAWG to draft Kantara's comments: Administration of Charges for Digital Identity;  Liability FrameworkPrivacy and other safeguards
  • Ken will add to the draft of "Administration of Charges of Digital Identity", the example of the Canadian Government on how they managed the charging. 
  • Liability of assessors was raised as part of the Liability framework paper. 
  • So far, there are no comments or questions regarding the Governance of the System paper. 
  • March 16th CoB EST is the new deadline to submit the comments to DTA. 

It was agreed that when there are big discussion items on the agenda, the updates will be sent by email. 

Next meeting: 2021-03-04

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