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Voting participants:  Mark Hapner; Martin Smith; Ken Dagg; Richard Wilsher; Tom Jones

Non-voting participants:  Mark King; Pradheep Sampath, Andrew Hughes

Staff: Colin Wallis, Ruth Puente

Quorum: As of 2019-12-19, quorum is 3 of 5. There was quorum

a.Roll Call
b.Agenda Confirmation
c. Action Item Review: action item list
d. Minutes approval 2020-07-30 DRAFT Minutes
e. Staff reports and updates - Director's Corner and Keeping up with the Kantarians
f. LC reports and updates
g. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)

2. Discussion
a. Approve 63B_SAC at AAL3
b. Approve Kantara comments on how SP 800-63-3 could be revised for NIST’s consideration in developing Revision 4 
c. Approve the revised Glossary & Overview
d. Review and Comment on PCTF Assessment & Infrastructure Draft Recommendations

3. AoB

Minutes Approval 

2020-07-30 Minutes were approved by motion. Moved: Mark Hapner Seconded: Richard Wilsher. Unanimous Approval.


Approve 63B_SAC at AAL3 

Motion to approve the AAL3: IAWG to approve the AAL3 criteria as presented. Moved: Mark Hapner. Seconded: Martin Smith. Unanimous Approval.

  • The xAL3 SACs will go as a package for 45-day Public Comment and IPR Review. The notice will be released tomorrow. 
  • Tom Jones made a comment on the criterion 63B §4, it seems to say you cannot have IAL3 without AAL2 and he believes that wasn't the intent of 63-3. He suggested to re-write it as "THE CSP SHALL assure that the authenticator will not report an AAL higher than the IAL". It was agreed to address this comment on the 45-day Disposition of Comments.  Also, it was agreed to provide input to NIST for Rev.4 on that criterion.

Kantara comments on how SP 800-63-3 could be revised for NIST’s consideration in developing Revision 4 

  • Ken walked the group through the comments and suggestions that have been received to date. See: Kantara Comments for Rev.4 
  • Andrew shared more comments which Ken will add to the Kantara input to NIST, see Kantara Initiative Mail - [WG-IDAssurance] 800-63-3 comments.pdf
  • Ken will add to the submission a cover letter explaining how the Kantara generated the comments (based on line numbers etc). 
  • He plans to submit the comments to NIST during the weekend as the deadline is Monday, August 10. 
  • The group agreed on the comments provided to date and asked Ken to add Andrew's comments and the one about 63B §4. 

Review and approve the Revised Glossary & Overview

  • The Glossary approval was deferred for next week. 

DIACC Request for Comment and IPR Review: PCTF Assessment & Infrastructure Draft Recommendations

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