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Voting participants: Ken Dagg; Scott Shorter; Richard Wilsher; Mark Hapner; JJ Harkema

Non-voting participants:  Martin Smith; Pete Palmer; David Kels. 

Staff: Colin Wallis, Ruth Puente

Quorum: 4 of 7. There was quorum.


  1. Administration

a. Roll Call

b. Agenda Confirmation

c. Action Item Review: action item list

d. Minutes Approval: 2019-02-21 DRAFT Minutes 

e. Staff reports and updates - Keep up with Kantarians - February 2019 and  Director´s Corner January 2019 

f. LC reports and updates

e. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)

2. Discussion

a. DIACC Request for Review and Comment: Pan Canadian Trust Framework Model Overview

b. Update and way forward on KIAF 1050 - Overview.

c. Criteria Guidance (Any participant suggestions for adding or enhancing guidance for understanding assessment criteria)

3. Any Other Business

Minutes Approval

2019-02-21 Minutes were approved by Motion. Moved: JJ Harkema Seconded: Mark Hapner Unanimous approval. 


  • Colin announced that Excelsior Security Solutions has been accredited as a Kantara Assessor. 
  • Scott asked to promote Excelsior accreditation at Kantara News.
  • LC Report: Ken commented that LC is voting on a motion to archive Blockchain and Smart contracts DG, Identities of Things DG, Identity Relationship Management WG, UMA Dev WG, as some of them are no longer active or have finished the work.

DIACC Request for Review and Comment: Pan Canadian Trust Framework Model Overview

  • Ken asked the IAWG to provide comments in light of these points:

 Is the general structure and tone in the expected direction?

 Is the scope too narrow, too broad, or appropriate, bearing in mind other components may address details out of scope for this document?

 Do you agree with the specific terms as they are presented in the document?

 Do you agree with "Digital Identity" to refer to the information of concern? Agree or suggest a new term.

  • Ken commented that Scott has sent some comments to the IAWG mailing list.
  • Structure: Ken said that he found the general structure good but some of the sub-sections are not in the right section, in particular in the functional descriptions, where there are texts that belong to core concepts. 
  • Scope: Ken pointed out that there is lack of liaison function with other frameworks. Martin stressed that it would be good to see some kind of comparison with other frameworks. 
  • Scott commented that he has been involved in the Federal PKI Certificate Policy WG, and they have been discussing about automating the registration of device certificate, but the big question is how you would determine who is accountable for the device. 
  • Terminology: Some issues were raised in relation to digital identity.  Colin added that in relation to terminology it is suggested ISO alignment. Ken said that he found multiple terms used for the same concept, they should refine the definitions or remove the terms. Also, he found that some terms are used before they were defined, such as digital identity.
  • Ken commented that he is developing the comment log to submit to DIACC according to the format they have required.
  • It was agreed that Ken Dagg would send the comments to DIACC and he will be the contact person. 

Update and way forward on KIAF 1050 - Overview

  • Ken and Richard have received inputs from JJ and Ruth.
  • They will coordinate the next draft and send it to the IAWG for approval. 

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