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Johannes Harkema (Experian)

Scott Shorter (IAWG Vice-Chair) 

Matt King (SAFE-BioPharma)

David Simonetti (SAFE- BioPharma)

Richard Wilsher (Zygma)

Matt Williams (Exostar)

Colin Wallis and Ruth Puente (KI) 


1. Welcome and Roll Call
2. Internet2 Update
3. Kantara Identity Assurance Working Group Update
4. SAFE-Biopharma Update
5. NIST and FICAM Updates
6. Open Mic

Incommon/Internet 2 Report

Barton Internet2 MAGIC 2018.pdf

IAWG Report 

Update for IAWG.pdf

SAFE Bio-Pharma Update 

  • No further news from NIST.
  • They also noted that the "authoritative sources" requirement is a challenge. 
  • They have seen interest from companies to be certified against 800-63-3. There seem to be a requirement from the Insurance, Banking and Healthcare industries on 63-3 compliance. 
  • Regarding AL2 minus, there have seen interest on something in between AL1 and AL2. 

NIST SP 800-63-3 

  • Scott Shorter provided the link to NIST FAQ:
  • Matt Williams commented that as they do not have a regulatory requirement or use case they still do not have a specific strategy towards 63-3.


Action items

  • Add to the agenda an item to include CSPs updates. 

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