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Discussion items

Roll CallThere was not quorum
Approval of MinutesMinutes of December 21, 12 and 7 were approved.
ED Update
  • CW had a call with Jim Sheere at GSA. They noted the comments and understood people´s concerns, he mentioned a policy report on digital ID out of OMB, as soon as that is announced it should be circulated in the community.
  • He provided news on identity schemes:
    -ComVa (state framework);
    -Australia released the Digital Identity trust framework for public review on Christmas, the plan is to invite the Australians to KI e-gov WG (the framework contains 14 documents).
    -New Zealand is leading Digital 5 Group (UK, South Korea, Estonia, Israel and New Zealand).
    -eIDAS: Germany notified in the eIDAS. Meaning of "notify" in this case: whether the scheme is from private sector or public sector the member state has to state behind it, they confirm that they are confortable and accept the liability for issues with it.
  • GDPR coming soon.
  • UK verify.
  • UK is looking to build alternative or extension to create something for the financial services.
  • CW suggested to take a look at the new KI website content under Trust Operations.
  • Implementation of New membership structure.
  • Testing on online joining system that will allow to join with Paypal and credit card (through open source CRM).

LC Update
  • KD commented that last Director´s Corner is a summary of what the various WGs have done, several publications (different specifications and criteria on 800-63-3).
800-63 A/B_SAC
  • KD said that we received a few comments during Public Review Period. Also, he added that the shortcomings or errors are from NIST, so we would not need to change nothing to the criteria.

  • IAWG reviewed 45-day Public Review 63A/B_SAC - first draft Disposition of Comments, and provided a week to make a final review and approve the disposition on February 8. 

  • SS suggested that it would be useful to write a KI IAWG white paper with examples of SUPERIOR, FAIR and STRONG (for example US passport, if we use the chip that means superior, and explain why), work item for later.

  • Timeline towards publication of 63A/B_SAC:

-NIST Deadline: March 21
-Approve Disposition of Comments Feb 8 at the latest 
-Send to LC Feb 14 at the latest 
-Open All member ballot by Feb 21 at the latest 

  • RW suggested IAWG reviews how KI is classifying classes of approval, available at KI Website Classes of Approval 

  • RW recommended to make a non material change of current CO_SAC in order to have revised CO-SAC + 63A/B_SAC (Move criteria from CO-SAC to OP-SAC and put it in 2 different documents, it would be a parallel task in the 7 weeks we have).

  • CW commented that Publication of 63A/B_SAC would be only available for members in good standing.