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Kantara Initiative    

The Kantara Initiative is the global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice.

Join. Innovate. Trust.

Few, if any, organisations can succeed at all of stages of digital transformation in isolation.
Kantara Initiative brings together the right thought leaders and industry representation - vendors, adopters, governments, standards bodies - to address all transformation stages.


Kantara Initiative Approves CSPs and Accredits Assessors
at Levels of Assurance 1, 2, 3 non-PKI and 4

Learn: Assurance Accreditation and Approval Center
Who's Approved / Accredited: Trust Status List
Controlling Docs: Identity Assurance Framework
Controlling Committee: Assurance Review Board


  • All Spaces
Space: Approval Programs
Space: Archived Groups
Space: Board of Directors
Space: BoT - Liaison Sub Committee (PRIVATE)
Space: DG - Blockchain and Smart Contracts
Space: DG - Identities of Things
Space: General Information
Space: Leadership Council
Space: R&D Program
Space: WG - Consent & Information Sharing
Space: WG - Consent Management Solutions
Space: WG - eGovernment
Space: WG - Federation Interoperability
Space: WG - Healthcare ID Assurance
Space: WG - Identity Assurance
Space: WG - Identity Assurance New
Space: WG - Identity Relationship Management
Space: WG - Open Trust Taxonomy for OAuth2
Space: WG - User Managed Access
Space: WG - User-Managed Access Developer Resources

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