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This page reports on the details of the All Member Ballot in February 2021. We'll refer to it as All Member Ballot KIR20210217.


Motion: To accept or reject the slate of four nominations received for the Directors-At-Large, Airside Mobile (US), Easy Dynamics Corporation (US), 2Keys Corporation (CA) and Wedacon (DE).


Eligible Voters

Voting Rules: A Supermajority (75% affirmative) of those voting in this All-Member Ballot. At least 15% of all Members voting is required to approve a candidate member organization to the role of 'At-Large Director'. 

Eligible voters: This All-Member Ballot is open to all members in good standing of Kantara Initiative, Inc. 

- Each member organization may cast only one vote.

- The Primary Representative from each member organization should cast the members vote.


Open Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 9:00AM EST

Close Date: Wednesday, February 17 2021 at 5:00PM EST

Ballot Results Summary

27 people voted in the All Member Ballot; Only 23 of the votes counted; 

21 answered YES; 0 answered NO; 2 abstained.

Ballot Results Details





Yes or No?

1Judith BushIC2/16/2021Yes
2Andrew Johnston2Keys Corporation2/10/2021Abstain
3Andrew HughesITIM Consulting2/9/2021Yes
4Lorrayne AuldIC2/9/2021Yes
5Ross FoardIC2/8/2021Yes
6Andrew WeaverIC2/8/2021Yes
7Russel WeiserVerizon2/8/2021Yes
8Mayank BhattExostar LLC2/8/2021Yes
9Björn SjöholmSeadot AB2/8/2021Yes
10Tony WillenbergNeocapita Security2/8/2021Yes
11Catherine SchultenIC2/8/2021Yes
12John WunderlichIC2/8/2021Yes
13Andrew HindleHindle Consulting Limited2/4/2021Yes
14SATO, HiroyukiGakuNin2/3/2021Yes
15Jon LehtinenIC2/3/2021Yes
16Martin F SmithIC2/3/2021Yes
17Barry R HiebIC2/3/2021Yes
18Ken DaggIC2/3/2021Yes
19Christine AbruzziIC2/3/2021Yes
20Eric ThompsonExperian2/3/2021Yes
21Thorsten NiebuhrWedaConn GmbH2/3/2021Abstain
22Philip G LamGSA2/3/2021Yes
23JJ HarkemaEasy Dynamics Corporation2/3/2021Yes

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