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Kaspersky on Internet Anonymity

Noted anti-virus vendor Eugene Kaspersky has weighed extravagantly into the larger security problem, arguing that  “anonymity causes security headaches and should be outlawed <>” (  So he wants an Internet Passport. This is surely madness.  The social repercussions are obvious, while it’s not at all clear what problem it might […]

Iain Henderson: Sales Process… meet Buying Process; and why context trumps segmentation I’ve been doing some thinking in advance of getting stuck into the development of open standards for User Driven and Volunteered Personal Information. That work is being done here if you are interested in joining in. I’ve been thinking mainly about how best to explain what happens to buying […]

The relentless march of progress

March 2006 – UK introduces RFID-enabled, ICAO-compliant ‘e-passports’; March 2007 – Adam Laurie demonstrates ability to unlock e-passport chip data for ‘read’ access; August 2008 – Jeroen van Beek demonstrates ability to clone e-passport chip and implant bogus images; August 2009 – Same techniques applied to clone UK ID card […]