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Kantara Initiative Releases “Road to Multilateral Recognition of Identity Assurance”

Kantara Initiative Announces Release of the “Road to Multilateral Recognition of Identity Assurance Programs” research papers. We now call for participation of industry and governments to converge collaborate in the interest of developing innovations and solutions that support trusted identity solutions at the global scale. In 2015 the UK’s Cabinet Office […]

Kantara Initiative’s Trust Status List Grows

PISCATAWAY, NJ–(August, 2015) – Kantara Initiative is proud to announce that Kimble & Associates is now a Kantara-Accredited Assessor with the ability to perform Kantara Service Assessments at Assurance Levels 1, 2 and 3, in the USA jurisdiction. Additionally, Electrosoft, one of the Kantara Accredited Assessors received a new grant […]

Leaders of Industry and Government Converge to Launch the Kantara Initiative UMA Dev WG to Develop Tools for Global Adoption of UMA

July 29th, 2015 Piscataway, NJ: Today Kantara Initiative announced the formation of the User-Managed Access Developer Resources Work Group (UMA Dev WG). Leaders from industry and government have come together to call on all interested parties to join the UMA Dev WG to advance global adoption of UMA. Interested parties […]

Kantara Initiative Announces 8KMiles is the First Kantara Certification Testing Lab verifying SAML technical deployment interoperability

May 13, 2014, Piscataway, NJ – Kantara Initiative, a global initiative, announced today that 8KMiles Software Services, Inc. is the first Kantara Certification Testing Lab ready to validate SAML 2.0 profiles including SAML2INT and US FICAM SAML 2.0 for Web SSO Deployment. The pilot program leverages 8KMiles’ Cloud based Testing […]

Kantara Initiative grants Europoint jurisdiction to perform FICAM assessments

April 3 2014, Piscataway, NJ – Kantara Initiative announces the re-Accreditation of Europoint as a Kantara-Accredited Assessor able to perform Kantara Service Assessments at Assurance Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. In addition, Europoint has been granted extended jurisdiction to perform assessments that use the FICAM technical and additional service […]

Kantara Initiative NSTIC Pilots in Motion Day Grows ID Market Harmonization

Five leading NSTIC Pilots came together on January 30th to share their lessons learned, use cases, and innovations under the Kantara Initiative banners of openness, collaboration, and harmonization. The NSTIC Pilots are an exciting evolving space within Identity Management activities today.  While these activities have a US centric focus, due […]

Executive Director’s Corner – November 2013

Welcome to the Executive Director’s Corner.  We verify Trusted ID systems actors, build markets, enable communities, influence stakeholders, and give our members competitive industry visibility.  We share one common goal: to collaborate to develop and operate services that build markets that enable use of high-value trusted identity credentials. As Executive […]

Kantara Initiative and EHNAC Collaborate to Further Industry Adoption of Trusted Information Sharing and Identity Systems

Kantara Initiative and EHNAC Collaborate to Further Industry Adoption of Trusted Information Sharing and Identity Systems Health Care Credentialing and Data Security Leaders Will Work to Break Down the Silos of Non-Standard Authentication and Data Exchange PISCATAWAY, N.J. and FARMINGTON, Conn. – August 20, 2013 – The Electronic Healthcare Network […]