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We Need Your Vote to Get to SXSW 2016

We need your vote to help get us to SXSW! This year we’re focusing on consent and particularly, the idea that clicking to “agree” is a broken and out dated paradigm for managing information sharing interactions. We believe this is a critical topic that addresses a power imbalance associated with […]

European Workshop on Trust & Identity

For those who are in the EU or will be near Vienna, Austria.  You may wish to attend the European Workshop on Trust and Identity to discuss “Connecting Identity Management Initiatives.” This is an openspace workshop where attendees will have the opportunity to network and share with others. Details: https://identityworkshop.eu/tiki-index.php Openspace workshops […]

Connected Life: Identity Relationship Management Personified

Kantara Initiative Presents, Connected Life: Identity Relationship Management Personified This is a “warm-up” workshop for the Identity Relationship Management (IRM) Summit. The IRM Summit is the premier event focusing on the evolution of Identity Access and Management Services. To join us, register for the IRM Summit. Technology services that connect businesses, […]

TSCP: IoT and Identity Workshop

Today, having an Identity Management strategy is not only an IT need but rather a business priority. Identity and Identity Access Management is evolving and connecting to your customers, citizens, and partners means the difference between business as usual and business building innovation. Identity Relationship Management provides a common language for the evolution of identity […]