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Advisory Board

Kantara Initiative Ltd announced that it has established a UK Advisory Board and appointed 3 of the UK identity sector’s leading experts to join it. They are:

The UK Advisory Board provides advice to the Kantara Initiative management to ensure that we contribute to a unified, inclusive and multi-stakeholder participation in the UK identity ecosystem
Our advisors provide independent thinking and guidance, ensuring we serve the UK market more effectively by fostering adoption of consistent digital identity verification solutions .  Emma, Alison and Andrew bring thought leadership and unrivalled experience in the sector. Their appointment will ensure we continue to be challenged and stay abreast of the issues that IDSPs and their clients face.” (Kay Chopard, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative)

Emma Lindley MBE

Co-founder, Women in Identity; Managing Director, International Expansion, CAF; Entrepreneur, advisor and speaker on Digital Identity, data and privacy.

Alison McDowell

Co-founder, Beruku Identity, Board Advisor & Digital Identity Specialist

Andrew Hindle

Content Chair, Identiverse® & IDPro Board Member

These widely recognised identity experts will provide independent voices on our Board to ensure we keep innovating around our UK business proposition