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Revealing The Behind-The-Scenes Identity Innovators Who Are Working To Protect Our Online Life

Mountain View, CA (03/22/2017) As Internet users realize their virtual activities have real-world consequences, a new film reveals the committed community of behind-the-scenes identity innovators who are developing technologies, products, and protocols that protect people and give them more control over their online life. Many of these developments are in […]

User-Managed Access Group Takes “Last-Call” Look at 2.0 Specs, Invites Participation

In 2016, the User-Managed Access Work Group set out roadmap objectives for achieving better UMA alignment with OAuth and OpenID Connect, simplifying UMA’s design, solving additional Internet of Things use cases, and making it possible to serve the widest possible ecosystems. Now, having met its goals, the group has entered a “WG last-call” stage to […]

The View from the EEMA Chair

February may be a short month, but for EEMA it has been very busy indeed, with the team travelling extensively throughout Europe, as our busy 2017 program of activity continues. We have sought out some fantastic locations for events planned later this year, meanwhile the European Trust Foundation has welcomed […]