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Federation Operator Guidelines – an official Kantara Initiative recommendation

We are happy to announce that the Federation Operator Guidelines (FOG) Version 1.0 has passed the All-Member Ballot and is now an official Kantara Initiative Recommendation. The document provides guidelines for an identity federation operator, an entity that defines and oversees a collective of cooperating credential service providers and relying […]

A presentation on Authentication and Authorization in Finland

Hear how citizens and companies do business with the government in Finland. The audio and PDF slides details citizen authentication, attributes, identity providers and various levels of authentication and authorization. We are happy to share this special presentation deriving from the current work of Kantara Initiative’s eGovernment Work Group. Many […]

Massively Scalable Architecture Video Introduction

The massively scalable identity architecture starts with large systems at 50 million users and target extra-large systems at 500 millions. Its goal is to create a virtual identity infrastructure that make transparent and seamless to both users and developers its geographical distribution. It should not only support multiple devices, but […]