Yearly Archives: 2009

Where is EU Data Protection policy headed?

In Jose Manuel Barroso’s recent reshuffle of the European Commission, there were a couple of moves which bear some further inspection, from a privacy/identity perspective. The former Commissioner for Information Society, Viviane Reding, is promoted to one of the Vice Presidents of the Commission, and given a new portfolio as […]

Seminar – Kanatara Identity Assurance Framework in the Healthcare Arena

Reusable, trustworthy electronic identities are “a must” for emerging Health Information Exchanges and the Nationwide Health Information Network. This seminar focuses on the role the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) will play in making this a reality. The co-Chairs of the Kantara Healthcare Identity Assurance Work Group provide a walk-through […]

Kaspersky on Internet Anonymity

Noted anti-virus vendor Eugene Kaspersky has weighed extravagantly into the larger security problem, arguing that  “anonymity causes security headaches and should be outlawed <>” (  So he wants an Internet Passport. This is surely madness.  The social repercussions are obvious, while it’s not at all clear what problem it might […]

Kantara will align methods to securely login

Please Note: This article was originally written in Dutch and appears on the site Automatisering Gids (English: “Automation Guides”). The article has been translated by Google Translate here: The direct link to the original article is here: October 23rd, 2009 – by Richard Keijzer Various parties have tried […]