Kantara Initiative has answers to both technical and operational assurance needs through certification programs designed to give the marketplace confidence, consistency and control when deploying identity solutions. Learn about what we offer and get involved:

Effective identity requires interoperable assurance–assurance of both the technology and the operations. From a technical interoperability standpoint, we as an industry need to be able to assure deployers that the products they are deploying will work together, as advertised, against the standards they are said to support.

The Kantara Initiative Certification Programs aim to answer questions like:

  • Does the client application I’m using “talk” to the systems I want to use? (can I type in my PIN on my iPhone and have unfettered access to services without logging in again?)
  • Does the system that authenticates me “talk” to the service provider systems I want to access? (can I login to my bank’s site and use that to pay my taxes, book travel, and check my Gmail account?)

The same is true from an operational interoperability basis. From an institutional basis, we need to answer questions such as:

  • Do the commercial and government systems “trust” each others’ systems, operating procedures, vetting practices, etc.? (i.e., understand & accept the distribution of liability when/if something goes wrong)