Identity Assurance

Kantara Initiative Approves Credential and Component Service Providers (CSPs) and Accredits Assessors.

Kantara Initiative Approved CSPs and Accredited Assessors are listed below. Find the authoritative details on our Trust Status List

Kantara Approved Credential Service Providers
Product Type Assurance Levels
Norton Secure Login Service by Symantec CSP Approved Service / ICAM LoA 2-3 non-crypto
Verizon Universal Identity Service (VUIS) CSP Approved Service / ICAM LoA 1-3 non-crypto
MITREid CSP Approved Service / ICAM LoA 1


Kantara Recognized Components Product Type Assurance Levels
Precise ID Recognized Identity Proofing Service Component LoA 2-3


Kantara Accredited Assessors Jurisdiction(s) Assurance Levels
USA LoA 1-4
USA (48 Contiguous states including District of Columbia)
LoA 1-4
LoA 1-4
Worldwide LoA 1-4


Kantara Registered Applicants
Product Type Assurance Levels
TrustX CSP / ICAM LoA 1-3
non-crypto CSP / ICAM LoA 1