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Working Drafts

This page collects our specifications and relevant auxiliary material.

We use for active spec development, with snapshots provided on the site. The UMA wiki page for the core spec summarizes breaking and notable changes to both the core spec and other normative specs.

The normative specs include:

UMA has been made a full-fledged profile of OAuth, and over time it is incorporating (as well as spinning off) functionality that comes from the wider OAuth specification universe. The UMA core spec now refers to a resource set registration spec that was originally derived from UMA design work, but is suitable for use by other OAuth-based technologies. It also refers to a binding obligations spec that is "contractual" in nature, rather than technical. See the references in the core spec for the other referenced bits.

The following auxiliary documents are currently non-normative:

The following documents still available on this wiki are considered obsolete:

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