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Identity Assurance Framework -bis space

Change Requests and Bug Reports

Use the Ticket System to request changes.

Working Spaces for IAF Documents


The table below includes links to the working spaces of each IAF document. Errata and Content Change Request links refer to the Ticket number and jump to the content of the ticket.


The cells are populated by macros that search for Labels on pages. If pages are not automatically showing up in the cells, check the labels.

Working space
ErrataContent Change RequestsAwaiting DispositionStatus

Kantara IAF-3520 (S3A Specification of a Service Subject to Assessment) WD v2-1 raf

  Phase 2DRAFT
Kantara IAF-1000 Overview (Kantara IAF-1000-Overview v2.0)   No revisions
Kantara IAF-1100 Glossary (Kantara IAF-1100-Glossary v2.1)   Document still in DRAFT
Kantara IAF-1200 Levels of Assurance (Kantara IAF-1200-Levels of Assurance v2.0)   No revisions
Kantara IAF-1300 Assurance Assessment Scheme (Kantara IAF-1300 AAS v3-0)   Document approved February 2013; No revisions
Kantara IAF-1400 Service Assessment Criteria


Red-lined draft (draft does not incorporate changes suggested by erratum or content change requests as of 10-April-2013)
Kantara IAF-1600 Assessor Qualifications and Requirements (Kantara IAF-1600-Assessor Qualifications and Requirements v2.0)   No revisions
Kantara IAF-1800 Rules governing Assurance Assessments (Kantara IAF-1800 v1-0)   Document approved February 2013; No revisions


Kantara IAF-3520-Specification of a Service Subject to Assessment (S3A) V1



IAF Change Summary

Revision SynopsisStatus
IAF v3.0 Revision synopsis (March 2013)Provided by the primary editor of the IAF v3.0 document set as an FYI, not to be considered part of the IAF document set


IAF v.3.0 Disposition of Comments

Final documentStatus
Disposition of Comments - 15 August 2012Disposition of comments approved IAWG Meeting Minutes 2012-10-04



  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document Kantara IAF-3520 S3A WD v2-1_raf.docx Jun 12, 2014 by Marissa Jadrosich
Microsoft Word Document IAF 2013-03 Revision synopsis.docx Apr 10, 2013 by Heather Flanagan
Microsoft Word Document Kantara IAF-1400 SAC v3-x-DRAFT.docx Apr 10, 2013 by Heather Flanagan
Microsoft Word 97 Document MFM_DoC-Draft+Recommendation+Review-20120815.doc Apr 10, 2013 by Heather Flanagan
Microsoft Word Document KI-IAF PoT vs DZ Assessment requirements - Zygma.docx Draft: RGW March 2012 Mar 17, 2012 by Anna Ticktin

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