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Leadership Council Homepage

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council (as defined in the Kantara Initiative Bylaws) include:

  • Approve of Work Group Charters;
  • Oversee of operations and expenditures of all Groups;
  • Disband Groups;
  • Approve of Work Group output for All Member Ballot;
  • Prepare of annual and supplemental LC budget requests to the BoD;
  • Elect up to two representatives to Board of Directors;
  • Develop & maintain of the Operating Procedures, subject to BoD approval.
  • Oversee liaison activities  of the WGs and DGs. 

Current Meetings



  • Chair: Andrew Hughes, Independent Consultant
  • Vice-Chair:  Mark Lizar, Smart Species
  • Secretary: Sal D'Agostino, IDmachines

Mail List



Teleconference Info


Room Code:

  •  385-8789

Meeting Schedule


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Group Status Stack

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UMA WG update
  • The WG is working through the "MPD" (multi-party delegation) change proposals. We have made it through the configuration data ("discovery document") and resource set registration proposals, and have begun the discussion of the "phases 2/3" (client access attempt) portions.
  • The legal subgroup is now working on some new document deliverables, including a use cases document and a primer.
  • The Cloud Identity Summit in New Orleans saw some UMA-related talks and demos, including an UMA talk by Eve, a HEART talk by Eve and Debbie (touching on the UMA profiling topic), and an UMA MasterClass by Maciej with demos from Eve and Mike.
IDoT DG Update
  • Regular meetings to resume next week
  • Earlier in the year, IEEE P2413 IoT architecture working group asked for contributions for identity management aspects. IDoT agreed on writing this architecture part. In April a privacy architecture viewpoint in a first draft was submitted.

IAWG Update
  • Undertaking an eBallot to approve version 4.6 of the Service Assessment Criteria (IAF1400)
  • Established off week calls to discuss the proposed new SP 800-63
  • Discussing the creation of audit criteria to assess privacy 
IAWG Update
  • Jenn Behrens, Vice-President for Privacy Kimble and Associates, talked about the status of Privacy and her approach.
  • Beginning review of a new version of the Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance Framework Service Assessment Requirements (IAF1400)
  • Continuing to discuss Audit Criteria for assessing Privacy
eGov Update
  • Elections completed. Rainer Hoerbe remains Chair. Keith Uber moves to Vice Chair, no nominations for Secretary so it remains vacant.
  • Interesting calls/discussions with a WEF project team investigating digital identity approaches around the world that support a digital economy.
  • eGov interest in contributing parts of the eGov SAML 2 profile to InCommon's SAML2 Int profile to form one single conformance profile that can be deployed different ways depending on the options chosen.

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