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Leadership Council Homepage

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council (as defined in the Kantara Initiative Bylaws) include:

  • Approve of Work Group Charters;
  • Oversee of operations and expenditures of all Groups;
  • Disband Groups;
  • Approve of Work Group output for All Member Ballot;
  • Prepare of annual and supplemental LC budget requests to the BoD;
  • Elect up to two representatives to Board of Directors;
  • Develop & maintain of the Operating Procedures, subject to BoD approval.
  • Oversee liaison activities  of the WGs and DGs. 

Current Meetings



  • Chair: Andrew Hughes, Independent Consultant
  • Vice-Chair:  Mark Lizar, Smart Species
  • Secretary: Sal D'Agostino, IDmachines

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Teleconference Info


Room Code:

  •  385-8789

Meeting Schedule


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Group Status Stack

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IAWG Update
  • consolidating comments made by participants during a bi-weekly discussion concerning the new version of NIST SP800-63
  • after public comment and IPR Review, the IAWG has approved the IAF 1400 Service Assessment Criteria Version 4.6.0 as a Draft Recommendation
BSC DG Update
  • This is the first update from the new DG. It has had six meetings so far on a twice-weekly schedule, and plans a six-month lifetime.
  • The group plans to deliver a report at the end of that time that offers recommendations and observations to Kantara regarding solving use cases for empowering traditionally disempowered parties (such as individuals) to "contract and transact" e.g. with parties that traditionally hold greater power (such as companies and large countries), given the new landscape of decentralization and distributed technologies and techniques targeted to solving such use cases and their mixture with identity.
UMA WG Update
  • The group has reached consensus in its "" technical work to enable permission registration with multiple resource sets, where including a single resource set in the registration request uses a plain object structure (as before) but including multiple resource sets uses an array. A number of questions flow from the new capability, but we believe we know the direction for the answers.
  • The spec editors held an "" kickoff session, which raised questions for Kantara staff. We have passed these along for consideration.
IRM WG Update
  • The IRM WG is winding down its "IRM in the Wild" exercise and is looking to take its lessons learned and use them in the revision of the Principles of IRM document.
  • IRM WG Editor Ian Glazer is taking the feedback from putting the IRM principles "through the wringer" and the "IRM in the Wild" exercise and with other WG members will produce an update to the principles in a September time frame.
  • Next steps for the group are under consideration, these include focusing on the requirements for a relationship manager, developing other tools to help identify or measure IRM or putting the group on pause.
  • Going into a summer schedule with meetings once a month just as a check for group members to see if there are any new items of interest, input to the principles or examples of "IRM in the Wild" that need a session/call to further examine the use case
IAWG Update
  • IAWG holding informal discussion with interested members on new release of SP800-63
  • Moved to monthly meetings over the summer
  • New version of IAF1400 (Service Assessment Criteria) undergoing member review

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