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Leadership Council Homepage

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council (as defined in the Kantara Initiative Bylaws) include:

  • Approve of Work Group Charters;
  • Oversee of operations and expenditures of all Groups;
  • Disband Groups;
  • Approve of Work Group output for All Member Ballot;
  • Prepare of annual and supplemental LC budget requests to the BoD;
  • Elect up to two representatives to Board of Directors;
  • Develop & maintain of the Operating Procedures, subject to BoD approval.
  • Oversee liaison activities  of the WGs and DGs. 

Current Meetings



  • Chair: Andrew Hughes, Independent Consultant
  • Vice-Chair:  Mark Lizar, Smart Species
  • Secretary: Sal D'Agostino, IDmachines

Mail List



Teleconference Info


Room Code:

  •  385-8789

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

NEW: Calls are now held every four weeks beginning on September 7. Upcoming meetings:

  • October 5
  • November 2
  • November 30
  • December 28

Calendar: View | Subscribe via .ICS

Time: 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 20:00 UTC (time chart)


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Group Status Stack

Create a new entry by clicking 'Create' at the top of this page; Choose 'Blog Post' to get an editing screen; the New Blog Post name should use a pattern like "Foo WG Update"; Put the update text in the body using simple formatting; click 'Save' to post it.

IRM WG Update
IAWG Update
  • IAF 1400 Service Assessment Criteria has been approved by an All Member ballot
  • The RFP to transform the Services Assessment Criteria to be more objective oriented closes Monday September 12th
  • IDESG will be presenting the mapping they recently completed between IDESG Requirements and the SAC on September 22nd
CIS WG Update
  • Consent Receipt Project
    • David Turner has joined the group and is the editor who will be working on taking the Consent Receipt Spec from the current Implementor's Guide (v0.8) to a release candidate
    • A PhD student has done an project as an intern at Digital Catapult to create a Consent Receipt (
    • The Consent Receipt project will be working through a backlog of parking lot items to see if any can be added to the v1.0 list
    • We are hoping to find people to try and create consent receipts using the current version of the spec to get feedback on needed improvements
  • User Submitted Terms project (joint project with Customer Commons)
    • Working on an Intent Casting Term
    • Mary Hodder looking for support to do a UX survey and find out what people want/expect/need in a submitted term
UMA WG Update
  • As part of the effort, the group has done important (but as yet incomplete) analysis on the design of a new optional token that is intended to replace the functionality of the AAT. More is to come on how this token might work and whether it continues in its current form. This is part of the overall design effort for an "UMA grant" flow that must come next.
  • The UMA legal subgroup has made good progress on its "primer", UMA in Contractual and Regulatory Contexts. Having benefited by bringing new reviewers into its fold recently, this subgroup may want to set some firmer deadlines for beta review.
BSC DG Update
  • The group is working to capture the tension between the promise of decentralizing technologies and techniques (blockchain/DLTs, IPFS, etc.) and the "drug of centralization" introduced by many risk-mitigating solutions that shore up weaknesses around those technologies and techniques (classic IAM for permissioning of private blockchains etc.). The concept of cooperatives has been introduced to try and square the circle.
  • The group continues to collect use cases, the most recent focusing on the Evidence Notebook often used to substantiate research.
  • We are two months into our six-month life cycle, still with an intent to produce at least an initial report with recommendations at that time.

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