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Leadership Council Homepage

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council (as defined in the Kantara Initiative Bylaws) include:

  • Approve of Work Group Charters;
  • Oversee of operations and expenditures of all Groups;
  • Disband Groups;
  • Approve of Work Group output for All Member Ballot;
  • Prepare of annual and supplemental LC budget requests to the BoD;
  • Elect up to two representatives to Board of Directors;
  • Develop & maintain of the Operating Procedures, subject to BoD approval.
  • Oversee liaison activities  of the WGs and DGs. 

Current Meetings



  • Chair: Andrew Hughes, Independent Consultant
  • Vice-Chair:  Mark Lizar, Smart Species
  • Secretary: Sal D'Agostino, IDmachines

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Teleconference Info


Room Code:

  •  385-8789

Meeting Schedule


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Group Status Stack

Create a new entry by clicking 'Create' at the top of this page; Choose 'Blog Post' to get an editing screen; the New Blog Post name should use a pattern like "Foo WG Update"; Put the update text in the body using simple formatting; click 'Save' to post it.


There is basic consensus by the WG on the requirements, design and data structures to be addressed by OTTO. Gluu has started to work on a node implementation of the API's, which it is releasing as MIT license free open source code. The best place to see the current work is on Github:  While other work is going on in the multiparty federation space, particularly some new work that's being done in the OAuth2 and OpenID Connect community, none of it addresses the need of federation operators to deliver the next generation of operational capabilities. The group hopes to have a first draft and initial test implemention completed by early November, in time to get feedback at IIW. (Provided by Mike Schwartz)

IAWG Update
  • SAC Version 4.6 undergoing all member vote
  • Comments on new version of 800-63 have been submitted to NIST
  • Received mapping of SAC to IDESG requirements
CIS WG Update
  • The consent receipt project has achieved a milestone goal and published v0.8 of the Consent Receipt Spec as an Implementor Test version. KI-CR08-DRAFT-Recommendation.doc
  • There is a call out to individuals and implementors to create consent receipts - both human readable and machine readable - and get some external feedback on the utility and viability of the spec as written
  • The user submitted terms project has posted a UST Intentcasting V.2 UX and Human Readable term for discussion.

Question for the LC: The CIS WG has two projects, and the meeting agendas tend to be one or the other. Are other workgroups arranged this way? It's not part of the Kantara Operating Procedures and we may need some guidance or clarification.

UMA Dev WG Update
  • The WG has updated its Implementations questionnaire and has started to parcel out assignments to collect data from third-party implementers and migrate data from the old page to the new page.
UMA WG Update
  • The WG has begun spec editing for its "" effort. There is much to come, but we've begun closing some of the smaller GitHub issues. Editors' drafts are being published in the area, for example (our second draft of the Core spec). Its companion OAuth RSR draft is here. See the mpd-edits branch in the wg-uma repository for our current work.
  • The UMA legal effort is proceeding in a more fits-and-starts manner, but work on the User-Managed Access (UMA) in Contractual and Regulatory Contexts primer is making progress. It seems necessary to do a conceptual mapping among these worlds before we can complete our model text work.

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