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Kantara Initiative


Welcome to the Kantara Initiative working wiki. All of the Work and Discussion Group spaces are available below as well as links to events. policies and other resources.  


  • All Spaces
Space: Archived Groups
Space: Board of Trustees
Space: BoT - Liaison Sub Committee (PRIVATE)
Reviews confidential documents: ISO, ITUT, OASIS, etc
Space: Certification Programs
Space: DG - Business Cases for Trusted Federations
Space: DG - Identities of Things
Space: General Information
Space for Getting Started, Membership Info, Events, Resources, FAQ, etc.
Space: Leadership Council
Space: WG - Attributes In Motion
Space: WG - Cloud Identity and Security Best Practices
Space: WG - Consent & Information Sharing
Space: WG - eGovernment
Space: WG - Federation Interoperability
Space: WG - Healthcare Identity Assurance
Space: WG - Identity Assurance
Space: WG - Identity Relationship Management
Space: WG - Japan
Space: WG - Trust Framework Meta Model
Space: WG - User Managed Access







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